April fool’s day DIY [crochet]

april fools day by ahooka


That’s it ! Tomorrow is the day… The day when you always end up with a big paper fish on your back ! So, as you can hardly avoid that… Arm the little criminals yourself, so that you would stay classy, even with a fish in between your shoulder blades ! 

1. Material

april fools day by ahooka


– A slate plate 
– Masking tape
– A white chalk (or any other color)
– Golden or silver yarn (I used Drops cotton viscose)
– A 2.00 mm crochet hook (B/1)
– One safety eye per fish (6 or 7.5 mm) 
– A tiny bit of stuffing


2. The fishes

R1 : single crochet 6 in a magic circle (6)
R2 : Increase in each stitch of previous round (12)
R3 to 5 : Single crochet in each stitch of previous round (12)

Stuff and insert the safety eye between round 3 and 4.

R6 : (Single crochet 4 times, decrease) repeat 1 time (10) 
R7 : (Single crochet 3 times, decrease) repeat 1 time (8) 
R8 : Pinch the 2 sides together and single crochet 3, through both layers to close the hole (3)
R9 : Chain 2, double crochet 2 times in each stitch of previous round (6)

Fasten of, leaving a long tail to hang your fish.


3. Assembling

Write ” Choose your weapon” on top of your plate (this will go away with some water the day after the crime !), hang your fishes on it with small pieces of masking tapes, then let you little criminals add some decorations to your board. :) 

april fools day by ahooka
* “choisis ton arme !” means “choose your weapon !” in French



4. Targets

Once the weapon chosen, you’ll just need to find proper targets ! (I have very peaceful partner and pets :p)

april fools day by ahooka

april fools day by ahooka

april fools day by ahooka


And that’s it !

april fools day by ahooka


4 Responses to April fool’s day DIY [crochet]

    • Ow! I should have explained that !!
      April the 1st is known as April Fool’s day and it’s THE day dedicated to make fun of people by making pranks. A very common one (especially for children) is to cut little paper fishes and tape them on the back of people without them noticing it… So they spend the day with a beautiful big fish on their back ^^ (and be the “fool” of the fool’s day ^^)
      I didn’t even realized this wasn’t known everywhere, sorry about that ^^

      • Very interesting! We have April Fool’s Day in the states, but the fish thing is new to me. Thanks for explaining! :)

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