Kraker needs your help !

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

Meet Kraker ! He’s a bit different from anything else I’ve done so far, and I have to admit I had a lot of fun creating it :p As I did last year with the circus theme contest, I entered the new monster contest this year ! Once again, there are plenty of entries (427 to be precise) from all over the world, some of which are really really beautiful !

What I do love too is to read the stories of all these little monsters. Mine is cut on amigurumipatterns (oops), so let me tell you the story behind Kraker here ! :)

Kraker was born in the ocean, a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away… Oh wait no, that’s not the story, I’m 1 week ahead there :p). At the time, he was just a white ball full of eyes, and he was called Oculus. 

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

He was pretty funny to look at, and didn’t scare anyone. 

That being said, he was very smart and thanks to his numerous eyes, he was a very curious monster. He used to roam in the sea bed, looking for wrecks where he would eventually find precious old books. He read thousands and thousands of them.

One day, he ran into a very very old one, illustrated with sketches. It was the story about a gigantic octopus monster : the Kraken.

Fascinated by its story, Oculus managed to make himself a kraken cosplay. He wanted to look like it at all costs. 

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka


kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

Pretty happy with his new fancy costume, Oculus also decided to borrow his new idol’s name. 

Oh yes… You’re right, I said his name was Kraker, not Kraken… Well, unfortunately, the book was handwritten… And our little buddy there misread the final “n”…

So… Kraker failed to be taken seriously by his monster mates… Indeed… But now his new tentacles enable him to read 8 books at a time… I guess he hasn’t said his last word yet ! ;)

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

kraker amigurumi monster by ahooka

If you liked Kraker’s story, you can vote for him here:

To do so, you’ll need to pick 5 entries (mine is in the upper left corner) by clicking on the hearts. Then you’ll have to enter your name and email address for it to be validated. 

Thank you all so much and see you soon ! :)

8 Responses to Kraker needs your help !

  1. So cute! I couldn’t read the whole story on the voting page as you had it in your description. Loved the story! ❤️ Good luck!

  2. I voted kraker already, cos i liked it from the first time. Before i knew it was your creation. And the story o just read was fasinating. Keep up inspiring us Ophelie!

  3. I wish I had found your site sooner. I just came across it today. I am glad your design came in fourth, but sure thought it was a lot better than then other three. I will keep a closed look out for the next competition and suggest all my crochet students and friends vote for you. I love your site!! It is the best one for amigurumi I have ever seen. Going to make the Pegasus and Unicorn for my granddaughter! Thank you so much for the free book.

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