Twitch : What about a cyber crochet circle?


Some of you already know Twitch because of its video games lives : a streamer (the one who broadcast) films himself playing a video game, and viewers (those who watch the broadcast) can interact with him through the chat. 

But why do I speak about Twitch on a crochet blog ?

Well, Twitch recently had the great idea to open a “creative” section where the streamers aren’t gamers but painters, leather workers, graphic designers,… and of course : hookers crocheters  :p 

Seeing that I was very excited about that news, Mister Ahooka got me a webcam for Christmas. And, though I’m not planning to become a regular streamer, I would really love to organize some kind of crochet circle, but on the internet ! A Cyber Crochet Circle, or CCC !

That way, should you live in London, San Fransico or Brisbane, we could still hang out, crocheting behind our screens while having a nice chat !

What do you think?

The first CCC in English will take place on Saturday, January 23th from 9pm to 12am CET, which is 3 to 6pm EST
– I’d like to apologize in advance for my bad English and my French accent, as I won’t be able to check words on Google while crocheting :p – I would really love get to know you better than through the blog ! :)



How does it work?

You’ll just have to go to : 

You’ll automatically see the live broadcast. To be able to chat, you’ll have to sign in, which is completely free and only takes a few seconds. You can already do so if you wish. Just go to and click on the “sign up” button on the upper right side of the page.


Enter a username, a password, your birthday, your e-mail and tick “I’m not a robot”, then click on the “sign up” button. And that’s it !

I think of organizing one CCC each month, maybe more if you like it !

I’ll also stream randomly in between the CCC’s, mainly in French, but you can always stop by and say Hi, I will totally answer you in English !

If you d’like to be notified each time I go live, simply click on the “follow” button below the video :


Then select “notify me when the broadcaster goes live” :


That’s it !

I’m really excited about it and I hope you’ll like the idea as much as I do ^^ I can’t wait to be there !

See you soon ! 



31 Responses to Twitch : What about a cyber crochet circle?

  1. What a great idea! Though my english is a little poor i am looking forward to chatting with all of you. Hope i will manage my pc well with this stuff.

  2. It’s a great idea! I may not be able to join you this time, I work Saturday mornings till unless it’s raining. I’ll pray for rain on that day!

  3. J’aurais voulu y participer mais je parles pas un mot d’anglais!! snif snif! dommage pour moi. Amusez vous bien.

  4. Hey~
    Great idea. Being absolutely confused with time zones I just checked how to convert CET to my time zone. With being located in Germany it makes total sense xD
    If I am home on Saturday I’ll be joining you with my crochet-a-long-project :D
    See you yoon.
    Aly <3

    • Hey Alyceen ! Yes I guess we are in the same timezone in France and Germany ! So it will be a late stream for you too :)
      I’m looking forward to see you there if you can make it :)
      See you !

  5. I just missed this last one. btw it was on my birthday:) anyway I would like to try sometime in the future though. Hopefully I can get my own device and download apps soon. such a great way to connect with others everywhere:)

    • Right ! I really loved it !
      I know it might be a little trickier for people overseas to catch the CCC because of the time zones, but I really hope some of you will be able to come anyways !

      And happy birthday to you ! :)

  6. I just found out about the CCC, so I missed the first one. This is an incredible idea and sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait for the next CCC it will really lift my spirits, talking and listening about our craft. Thank you for this!!!!


    • My pleasure Laurie ! I love to chat with you all while crocheting too !
      This time, the CCC will be in bot French and English though, I hope it won’t be too confusing but, let’s see :)

    • Hi Stephanie. I will announce what pattern I’ll be working on each time (this time : a bat namdoll) for those who want to do the same thing as I do. But you can also join with your current WIP and share it with us !

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