Win a pattern by voting for your favorite ! :)

Last year I’ve been away from blogging but certainly not from crocheting ! I made a lot of new amigurumis, and now is the time to write down new patterns ! But which will be next ? I decided to give you the choice !

Which pattern do you like the most among these ? It will be the next one to be released !

  1. Kraker // Lil’Oculus dreamt of being as big a monster as the Kraker…Read his story here !
  2. Narwhal // What if unicorns existed and were living deep in the oceans?
  3. Princess Leia // After C3PO et R2D2, she’s the same size using the same yarn.
  4. Cat in the moon // In memory of my beloved Sati…
  5. Tim Burton’sToxic // If you’ve never read «The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy”, I’d highly recommend it !
  6. Flat Panda // Who knows what he is on !

The pattern that will receive the most votes will be chosen, but that’s not it ! I will draw a winner among the comments and she will get the pattern for free as soon as it’s released !

The results will be published on Thursday, here , on Facebook and Instagram ! (Don’t forget to put a valid email adress in the comment section so I can contact you if you’re the winner ! Other people won’t see it and it won’t be used for any other purpose).

Votes end on Thursday, 5 – 8am (UTC+2) – One entry per person.

See you soon ! :)

Votes are now in, the results will be published soon !

964 Responses to Win a pattern by voting for your favorite ! :)

  1. I really like the narwhal but I think I might the cat in the moon #4 the most. I love that it’s a necklace. Very cool!

  2. Im gonna have to go with the flat Panda. He looks exhausted, how I feel after a day of crafting.

  3. Love the panda!! #6 I live outside Wash., D.C. and we are on panda baby alert for the next month! Thanks, Kathy

  4. I think they are all crazy wild but I like the unicorn whale and baby whale. My grand daughter would love both. And they are versatile can crochet with or without the horn or make the horn shorter.

  5. Number 4 is my favorite, love cats, have lots of friends with cats that I would love to make this for

  6. #4 the cat with the moon it’s the one I like more, all of them are cute. They’re nicely designed.

  7. The Kraker is beautiful!! The most original and different from everything that is found on Internet, I really loved this one.

  8. Oh, this was a hard one to choose! I narrowed it down to four of them, but made the official decision to go with #2, the narwhals…my daughter loves them, and I could make a mommy one and a daughter one. So yea, that would definitely be happening.

  9. Cat in the moon pulls at my heart cause of my black cat but we are a Star Wars family and I have to go with Princess Leia!

  10. I love the small cat in the moon, nr. 4. I have lost a few cats I had in my life. It is a suitable way to remember them.

  11. definately # 1 Kraker as I love different and strange ones that are a challenge
    but love them all

  12. Oh my….my favorite has to be #1! All are just too cute, but that little kitty is adorable. Thank you for this little contest….it is appreciated!

  13. I had a hard time between #3, Princess Leah, and #4. I love them both, but I think I will vote for #4, the cat. I love cats and this is so cute.

  14. No 1 or No 5… Argh… Why do I have to choose… I think 5 tips it slightly. But I do love 1!

    5 😍

  15. My vote is for your beloved cat. Pets and all animals are an important part of our human lives. Your necklace is a top in tribute to the animal kingdom.

  16. My grandson is named ollivander – known as Vander but I call him panda! So, obviously, I love the panda 😍

  17. Love them ALL, but it’s a toss up between #1 (baby shoggoth isn’t it?) and #4 (just beautiful!) for me. 1 if I HAD to pick, but it’s close!

  18. They are all so cute! If I have to pick one, it has to be #2, the Narwhal, though #4, the cat and moon is tempting!

  19. I love the kraken (#1) But my second choice would be the narwhal. The first is just so awesome and unique!!!

  20. I love #4 we too have kitties that have pasted on before us and feel we have lost a child and best friend.

  21. #4 – Cat in the moon // In memory of my beloved Sati…
    This design as a necklace is really unique.

  22. Tough choice,I love them all but I’m going to have to go with #2 the Narwhal,I just love that creature, has been a favorite of mine for years.

  23. Number 4 in memory of my little Jenny Wren a lovely little mackerel tabby cat, who passed a few months ago.. too soon & too young.

  24. Definitely No.1 this is cute but lso adaptable make it bigger and it could be a bathroom door stop (obviously ocean or seaside themed bathrooms) make it smaller and it could be a pin holder that fits around your wrist LOVING THIS WOULD LOVE IT PLEASE

  25. No.1,it’s love @ 1st sight. No idea why,but I fell head-over-toe with Kraker. Think it’s the unexplainable cuteness that made Kraker stands out adorably.

  26. No 4 Cat in the Moon is my favourite. I love cats and felt very emotional reading the makers comments

  27. Oh definitely the narwhal, number 2. It’s just too adorable although Sati in 4 USA very close second x

  28. I vote for panda. Although I am a Star Wars fan, I find the panda adorable.

    All your creations are lovely.

  29. #3 Princess Leis!!

    Great little doll that could be easily personalized to one’s liking. Seems like a quick and cute project for Christmas presents!!

    Live, love and crochet!!

  30. Number 3, please. I LOVE all things Star Wars. However my daughter-in-law would love number 4, as she is a cat fancier, and I would love to make it for her!

  31. Definitely the Cat in the Moon. Reminds me of my granddaughter’s little kitty, Minnie. I’m always crocheting little toys for my “grandkitty”, and I know Maggie (my granddaughter) would LOVE Minnie gazing at the moon.

    Aside note: Thank you for using your considerable talents in sharing your patterns. You are truly an artist!

  32. #4
    What a precious keepsake reminder. It is just so thought provoking . Perfect .thank you for using your skills in thisway.

  33. Number 4 due to so many of my kitties have gone on to the rainbow bridge
    It reminds me of how they all loved to sit in the windows and watch the world go by

  34. Number 1.

    I love his story and he is unique and so so different from all the crochet Monsters I have ever seen!

  35. I love the panda. It look so cute. and it will be a great gift for my friend who love the panda too

  36. Damned the automatic correttore!😅😬😬😬😬😬
    I would day….
    The number 2 is my fav,bit i really like also Number 4 the catcher in the Moon 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

  37. Number 3 princess Leia.
    My husband loves star wars en got me hooked on as well I am all ready working on a star wars blanket but I would love to have princess Leia as well.