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Lalylala and poppies : it feels like spring ! [patterns from other website n°7]

Lalylala and poppies by ahooka

In 3 days, birds will sing, trees will bud, and I will sunbathe in a weathfield… Well, at least that’s how I feel about spring ^^

So, on my hook, there is…mushrooms… Yeah, because mushrooms grow in march, everybody knows that :p And there is more ! Poppies grow on mushrooms too !

Don’t you trust me? See for yourself ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Patterns from other website n°6 [Before/After] : a jawa, Sackboy, Toothless & Scrat

Toothless by ahooka scrat acorn by ahooka

sackboy by ahooka Jawa by ahooka

When I started this blog, I wrote an article with four amis among my firsts in order to show you examples of what one shouldn’t do. ^^ And, one day, a friend of mine came by my place and saw Toothless…He kept on congratulate me about it while I was shameful because of the big holes between his stitches and his inside out ears. That’s how I’ve decided to make a new one, to see what I was able to do with more experience. Quite happy with the result, I then made a new version for the 3 others too ! 

Ready for the before/after pictures? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>