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Patterns from other website n°4 [september] : a Mario and a Minecraft Creeper

Let’s go on with video game related amigurumis for this new monthly article of “Patterns from other website” issue.

This month, I’ve tested :

– a Super Mario pattern
– a Minecraft Creeper

creeper and mario amigurumi by ahooka

From now on, I’ve decided to go with a more detailed review for all the patterns I try. Therefore I’ll make a list of pros and cons, and of the changes I make, for each one of them. Let’s get started ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Patterns from other website n°1 : Charizard, Fluffy unicorn,Totoro, and Gorjuss

Charizard amigurumi by ahooka Agnes Amigurumi by Ahooka

Gorjuss amigurumi by Ahooka Tototo amigurumi by Ahooka


Sometimes, between two creations, it’s fun to try other people’s amigurumi patterns, therefore, internet is a goldmine !

So, from now on, I’ll regularly post amigurumis I’ve made with patterns found over the internet (free or not) and I’ll share with you my personal experience with this pattern.

In order to launch the section “patterns from other website”, I present to you Charizard, Fluffy Unicorn, Totoro and Gorjuss ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>