Crochet Hearthstone : when my past catches up with me

Hearthstone pattern by ahookaYou know me enough now to know I’m a bit of a geeky girl. But, even if I’m still very attached to geek culture, my real gaming time was some years ago, when I was playing World of Warcraft all days long.

From the day I created my first character, I have secretly dreamt about having this little white and blue stone that was sitting in my inventory at the time : the Hearthstone ! 

But seriously, who wouldn’t dream to have it in one’s bag? A simple stone to use each time you want to go home right away !

Thanks to crochet, I do have one now ! (and yes it DOES work, what did you think??)


“I had enough with this party” *Bam* teleportation in my little nest


Shopping finished? *Bam* instantly in front of the fridge


End of a working day? *Bam* TP in the couch !



Hearthstone pattern by ahooka

Don’t you dream about having one too?
Pattern available in my Craftsy shop ;)

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  1. Hello. I am looking for the pattern for this Hearthstone. I cannot find it via your link. Thank you.

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