8 modèles d'amigurumis pour crocheteuse débutante ou confirmée + les tutos pour faire des finitions et des changements de couleur invisibles et pour broder les détails de son amigurumi ! 


8 amigurumi patterns for beginners and intermediate crocheters + tutorials to make invisible finish, invisible color changes and to embroider your amigurumi details.

▲Pimp your patterns▲ Star Wars special (part 3) !

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

That’s it, we’re down to the last 5 LucyRavenscar (Lucy Collin)’s patterns that I wanted to show you in these “Pimp your patterns, star wars special”. 

But wait? What is “Pimp your patterns”?

Sometimes I write patterns, sometimes I follow patterns. But, you know how it goes, we, creative people, always have to add a little something ! That’s what “Pimp your patterns” is : my “little somethings”. So, in this category, I’ll be posting the patterns I followed, and all the changes I made to them so you can make them too if you’d like. 

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As I told you before, these patterns aren’t in the Star Wars Crochet kit, but were sold in her Etsy shop… Yes,…Unfortunately, I said “were” because, except for Leia’s, they recently have all been removed from the shop (a little birdie told me that it’s because she’s currently preparing a second opus to the kit, but shhh, I didn’t say anything !). So, if you don’t have them yet, I’m really sorry you’ll have to wait for the book release !

I’m also glad to say that this article is a partnership with the French yarn brand Phildar, which kindly sent me the 10 skeins of Phil Coton 3 needed to make these 5 new characters :

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

1. Admiral Ackbar

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

Ackbar is one of my favorite design from Lucy Collin ! His overall shape is pretty realistic ! So, I only added some details, like the shape of the mouth and his head bump. 

► For the mouth, I added a small stitch in the middle in order to make a reversed “v” shape. 

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

► As for the head bump, I made it using the same technique as for Oogie boogie’s pleats, with a strand of yarn of the same color as the face.

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

► I didn’t have any yellow eyes in my stash so I painted transparent ones at the back (I’ll make a tutorial dedicated to safety eyes soon)

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

2. X-wing pilot

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

I have no complaints whatsoever about this pattern ! It’s awesome to have put so many details in such a small design ! From the suit to the helmet to the case and straps, nothing seems to be missing !

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

The helmet pattern is a bit difficult to get, but at the end it looks really nice !

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

3. Leia

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

To be honest, I didn’t change a thing in Leia’s pattern either ! Except for the size of her eyes, but on a second thought, I really think I shouldn’t have ! At first, I found it cute…Now it looks a bit creepy to me. 

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

And, of course, Jabba soon recovered his property ! (you can read more about Jabba in Pimp your pattern n°2

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

4. Obi Wan Kenobi

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

► Arms : To ensure that the arms don’t stay stiff once the vest is on, like Luke’s, I decided to shrink them a bit. 

In skin color :
1) 4sc in a MR (4)
2) (sc, inc) x2 (6)
In beige :
3 to 9) 1sc in each stitch around (6)
Don’t stuff, pinch both sides together.
10) sc3 through both layers to close.  

► The hood : it turned out to be too tight with the pattern, so I enlarged it a bit  : 

1) ch 30, sc 29 (29) (it will look better if you crochet in the back bump of the chain
2 to 9) 1sc in each st (29)
10) dec, sc10, dec, sc, dec, sc10, dec (25)
11) dec, sc8, dec, sc, dec, sc8, dec (21)

► The vest  : I add a row of 28 sc at the end as it turned out too short with 13 rows. 

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

► The mouth : I chose to embroider the mouth with a strand of skin color yarn instead of black yarn for a more realistic look.

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

5. Jawa

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

I saved the best for the end. This pattern is THE pattern which got me completely hooked with amigurumis. It made me realize I could do pretty much anything I wanted ! So, it was a real pleasure to make a new one, a few years later. 

► The eyes : as amber eyes aren’t that easy to find, I decided to use the same technique as for Ackbar’s eyes and make them yellow. 

► The body : if you follow exactly the pattern, the body will somehow turn out to be taller than the picture’s. So I skipped 3 rows (14 to 16).

► Arms : As I shortened the body, I had to shorten the arms as well and skip row 5 and row 7. 

► The hood. As Obi Wan’s, his hoodie was a bit too small so I enlarged it too : 

1) ch 28, sc 27 (it will look better if you crochet in the back bump of the chain
2 to 10) sc in each st (27)
11) dec, sc23, dec (25)
12) dec, sc21, dec (23)

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

And look what this good Jawa brought ! 

star wars crochet part3 by ahooka

To be continued… :) 

I hope you enjoyed these characters from a galaxy far far away roundup ! As for me, I’m thinking of opening a cantina now ! 

See you soon !


14 Responses to ▲Pimp your patterns▲ Star Wars special (part 3) !

  1. I love them all, you did a fantastic job. Hopefully I’ll be able to get and make these for my son (big fan).

    • Thank you very much Lindy ! I don’t know when the second kit will be released, but the first one is available pretty much everywhere ! :)

  2. Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions. There have been some things that didn’t quite work with some of the patterns. For example, Yoda. I stuffed his arms a bit, but they wouldn’t fit through the sleeves, so I had to make adjustments to the jacket.
    Again, Thanks.

    • Hey Barbra ! My pleasure ! :)
      Yes, I made some changes to yoda’s jacket too. I guess on such a small scale, the tiniest difference (like your tension or the way you stuff) can make it or break it.

    • Hi Kathy, when I wrote this article the patterns were still available in her Etsy shop. Now that’s she’s preparing the new kit, she has removed them from her shop. But you could still contact her on Etsy, she might sell them to you anyway.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the enlarged hood for the Jawa. I was about to try making it on my own and then I found your pattern!

    The tutorial for crocheting in the back loops of a chain was great too! :)

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