Finish your damn WIPs challenge !

Hey you ! Do you have crazy WIP piles? Do you feel guilty every time you start a new project thinking about all the one you “should be” finishing first? Does spring inspire you to declutter your home but you don’t know what to do with all those WIPs hidden all around the place? Do you need a bit of extra motivation? Well, this challenge might >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Crochet mini crown [free pattern]

How about we start this year with a tiny, easy pattern? In France and some other countries, we celebrate the epiphany by eating the “Kings’ cake” in which there is a hidden bean. The one who runs into the bean while eating the cake becomes the king or the queen of the day and gets to wear a paper crown all day long. That’s where I got the inspiration to make this tiny crochet crown, but it would be the perfect size for a lot of your amigurumis too (and for you too of course, see how NOT ridiculous at all it is at the end of this article… :p) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>