Babet and Boba Fet, the crocheted ferrets

babet and boba crochet ferret by ahooka

When I showed you my workspace, I’ve introduced you to my tiny assistant. Do you remember? 
This little fluffball is a great source of happiness for my partner and I !

That’s why, when launched a new “parent-baby animal” amigurumi contest, I didn’t hesitate much !

Here is Babet, the mommy ferret

babet and boba crochet ferret by ahooka

And here is Lil’Boba !

babet and boba crochet ferret by ahooka

I have to admit that my little ferret was a great inspiration for Babet, and designing her was quite flowy. I can’t say the same things for Boba, as you don’t see that much baby ferrets !! But, even if he’s not that realistic, I kind of like his big eyes and his guilltyish look :) 

If you follow me on facebook, you’ve already seen this picture, but I cant’ resist to show it again ! My little assistant became quite jealous that I took so many pictures of OTHER ferrets, so during the photo shoot…She just invited herself :D 

babet and boba crochet ferret by ahooka

If you liked those little faces, you can now vote on  until january 9 (one vote per person, 5 designs to pick among the 121). My personal assistant and I would be very thankful if you did :)

That being said, see you next Tuesday, and of course : HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

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  1. I love your ferrets! I have been looking for a pattern for one but none do them justice. My daughter and I have two also. They are male (Bomber-because every time he comes in the room it is like a bomb goes off. He plays until the room is destroyed) and our Sweet female (Tael-is our thief, she is very loving but she is really looking over your shoulder to see what you have to steal). We have always had ferrets and could never have another type friend to live with us. They laugh (chuckle & get fuzzy tailed) and are so happy every day. We allow them to be free rage so they do not have to go in their cage unless there is a problem, like a repair man comes in or they are going to the doctor. They sleep in our clothes drawers. We have locked the cabinets they are not allowed in with toddler locks. I think this is what keeps them so happy.

    • Thank you Donna ! I totally have to work on that pattern again ! I don’t know why I left it unfinished !
      I had 2 ferrets too, sadly the male died of cancer when he was 3, but our little female here is on her 7th year now ! :) And, just like yours, she’s totally free in the house and only goes in her cage when absolutely necessary. She sleeps in our bedroom ^^
      You’re so right, they are such a concentrate of happiness ! I think they give us much more that we give to them :)
      I’m glad we share the same ferret addiction :p
      Have a nice day !

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