BB-8, the new Star Wars robot [crochet pattern]

bb8 crochet pattern by ahooka
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You couldn’t have missed it, the new Star Wars is coming, and BB-8 with it. You now know that I love the saga (see the Star Wars cover here, and lighsabers there) and so you can easily guess that I couldn’t have missed it either ! 

Of course, it will be Disney, of course, I’m a little scared, but hey, I’m an optimistic person, and anyway, this little robot is just too cute :p 

So, I tackled to make the cute astromech, with my notebook within easy reach. By the way, having an astromech at home is super useful ! 

bb8 crochet pattern by ahooka

Once done, he quickly decided to go for a walk. Unlike his buddies C3PO and R2, BB-8 doesn’t mind the sandy ground to roll on ! (Ow ! Didn’t I tell you that I lived on Tatooine?) 

bb8 crochet pattern by ahooka bb8 crochet pattern by ahookaUnfortunately, just like his 2 friends, BB-8 is an ideal prey for jawas and their ionic blasters, looking for some credits. 

bb8 crochet pattern by ahooka

Those 3 were kind enough to bring him home while waiting for the perfect customer. (I’m on it !)

bb8 crochet pattern by ahooka

I guess you didn’t miss the part when I said I was taking notes all along, did you? By the bye, those who follow me on Facebook know it already, I promised a pattern by the end of September :) 

So, that’s it, it’s now available on Etsy ! 8 pages, more than 30 explanatory pictures, special stitches and techniques explanations, and boxes to tick to help you get your bearings all along ! In short, everything needed for a nice and smooth crocheting time :) 

>>>>>>To the pattern<<<<<<<

EN - BB8 crochet pattern by ahooka thbnl

I hope you’ll like it ! :)


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