8 modèles d'amigurumis pour crocheteuse débutante ou confirmée + les tutos pour faire des finitions et des changements de couleur invisibles et pour broder les détails de son amigurumi ! 


8 amigurumi patterns for beginners and intermediate crocheters + tutorials to make invisible finish, invisible color changes and to embroider your amigurumi details.

Chicken or the egg : the 19 amigurumis of my Easter decoration

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

I guess it’s officially becoming a tradition now, after HalloweenChristmas and now Easter : my desk decoration changes according to the seasons :) 

I have to say my timing was very short this time, as some of my hens still looked like this on Sunday : 

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

But let me show you my henhouse now, will you ? :)

1. Hen and Mega Hen

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

I totally fell in love with those colorful ladies designed by De Estraperlo. Proof is : I made two ! And it’s extremely rare for me to follow twice the same pattern (especially within the same month) ! They are absolutely perfect to use your scarp yarn (and to practise invisible color changes :p). Plus, they will make you smile as soon as you catch their crazy eyes ! :) By the way, I also made Karl Toffeln from the same designer, and I love him just as much !

Pattern: The Hen Sister by De Estraperlo (in English and Spanish)

 2. Mini Hen and her basket

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

As I was into it, I figured I would also try this hen by a French designer I really like : Little inspiring soul. She makes really lovely things, and started to write her pattern in English too !

As I don’t know how to felt, I made crocheted eyes. Plus, I didn’t really have any embellishments to put on her Belly, so I decided to create a little basket for her to be comfy while brooding. 

Pattern : Cocotte par Little inspiring Soul (in French for now)

3.Easter superheroes

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

I think I don’t need to make the introductions here, you already know these Easter superheroes, right? I made them last Easter, and of course, they came back this year to protect me against evil Easter bells again :p 

Pattern(s) : Avengers set / DC Comics set (in English and French)

By the way, on this special occasion, you can get both set as a bundle at a 25% discount price by clicking the image below :)

easter pattern bundle thumbnail

4. Future Hen

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

I found that cartoon looking pattern very funny too, but be warned there is no explanation on how to embroider the cracks whatsoever. 

Pattern : Cracked Easter egg par BluerabbitLV 

5. Baby chick

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

Of course, after having made hens and eggs, I had to make a little chick ! So, I found this pattern on a Dutch blog. I don’t speak a word of Dutch, but as it is a pretty simple design, it’s easy to figure out what to do only by looking at the numbers. 

Pattern :  Kuikentje in ei op pootjes par Grietjekarwietje (in Dutch :D)

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka     Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka  

In the overall pictures you might also have seen, Paul the toadstool lalylala and a pretty big fox too (probably attracted by the hens) ! I talked about them in previous articles, you can click on the link if you’d like to know them better :) 

Hoping this article gave you some last minutes ideas for your Easter decoration and gifts :)

See you soon !

Easter crochet patterns decoration by ahooka

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10 Responses to Chicken or the egg : the 19 amigurumis of my Easter decoration

  1. I can’t believe how well you do these! I love all your stuff and have bought a few patterns. Keep up the good work, you’re amazing.

    • I mainly use 100% cotton yarn (mainly because that’s what we find the most here in France apart from wool), but I really do like acrylic yarn too (the fox is 100% acrylics)Really depends on the project.

  2. Love that chicken. How do you have room for all your projects in your place. You must have hundreds. I love making stuffed animals. I donate them to charities. There is a limit to how many will fit in the average room.

    • Ahah right? I wonder too :D
      I have a giant laundry basket in which I put the non-seasonal amigurumis (like Santa) waiting for their time to come. I also give a lot of them, and… They also invade pretty much each and every room of the house :D

    • Thank you Cynthia ! I’m always a bit frustrated with my posts in English because as it’s not my native language, it’s very difficult for me to add some kind of humor in the text ! So I’m really glad I could make you smile this time :D

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