Christmas : 8 tiny crochet pattern to make with your leftover scrap yarn

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka27

As I told you 2 weeks ago, Christmas hasn’t always been my thing. So this year, except for my crochet tree and my Santa amigurumi, I had no Christmas decoration at all. And when December knocked at my door, I hadn’t removed my Halloween decoration yet. 

Then, I remembered the little box.

You know ! The little box we all have, filled with leftover scrap yarn that we’ll use “one day”, “maybe”, “we could”…

That was perfect ! Christmas is only in 2 weeks, so I needed small projects anyway. Here are the 8 tiny patterns I used to complete my Christmas decoration with scrap yarn.

1. Hats

First, I made a bunch of small hats for every amigurumis of my desks : zombies, Jack, Sally, and even Voodoo Girl.

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka19christmas crochet decoration by ahooka15

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka13

The pattern 

Pretty simple it is easily adaptable to the weight of yarn you’ll use  :

With red yarn :

  1. 6 single crochet in a magic ring (6)
  2. 1sc in each stitch (6)
  3. (1sc, inc)x3 (9)
  4. 1sc in each stitch (9)
  5. (2sc, inc)*3 (12)
  6. 1sc in each stitch (12)
  7. (3sc, inc)*3 (15)
  8. 1sc in each stitch (15)
  9. Go on until you’ve reached the diameter you need

Change to white with an invisible color change and make 2 more rows, without increases. 

2. Trees

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka20

Then, I made a small forest, using the exact same pattern as for the hat, with green yarn. I made each of them in a different size though. 

With white scrap yarn, I made a big circle that would serve as a snowy ground. 

3. Stars

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka31

Made with the center of Captain America coasters pattern. 

4. Wreath ring

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka16

Pattern : Whiskers and Wool

5. Origami ball

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka17

Pattern : Make my day creative

6. Gingerbread man

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka30

Pattern : Repeat Crafter Me

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka14

7. Tiny Rudolph

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka29

Pattern : Little Things Blogged

I’ve just changed the l nose a bit, and sew the small antler on the inside rather than on the outside as in the pattern. 

8. Holly

christmas crochet decoration by ahooka10

Pattern : Oombawka Design Crochet

And that’s it for me ! Feel free to add your ideas or links to your Christmas decoration in the comments ! 

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  1. Love that you leave your Halloween things out! I leave mine out all year too! It’s not a holiday it’s a lifestyle. Now I plan to make hats for my Oogie and Jack. I have one question if you have the Sally pattern? She is the one I have yet to make. Thank you again for all you share yarn sister! Happy Hooking! Have

  2. Thank you so much. I have plenty of scrap yarn, & not a lot of time to make large projects. Your little patters will be great!

  3. Just downloaded the free book, I needed a light saber pattern (to make a ‘dipsy’ hat) but WOW thank you so much for the book, making unicorns as we speak ?

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