Let’s turn BB8’s head !

BB8 crochet with movable head by ahooka

As I told you in my latest blog post, I was so excited to go to Paris to see the new Star Wars movie ! I was prepared for the worst, and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised ! I don’t want to spoil anything here for those who still haven’t seen it so I’ll just say that I do agree with some criticisms which regret the lack of innovations in the scenario. And I also find one of the character ridiculous. That being said, I loved the graphics, I liked the nods and winks to previous episodes, and welcomed the humor touches.

This trip to Paris was also the opportunity to visit all the geeky stores we could (figurinestores, bookstores, legostore, disneystores…). And when I came back, all I wanted to do was to crochet some more Star Wars stuff !

Not so long ago, BB8 complained in his “beep beep” language that his necked hurt so badly he couldn’t even move his head anymore. So, I decided to massage his connectors with my crochet hook, and it seems to work well !

BB8 en crochet avec tête mobile par ahooka

BB8 en crochet avec tête mobile par ahooka

I have to say, droid massage is very technical, that’s why I added a chapter to the BB8 building guide so that you could help your little robots with their stiff neck too :p

BB8 en crochet avec tête mobile par ahooka

Of course, I did send these extra-instructions to all of those who had already bought the pattern, and it’s now included in the pattern still available on Etsy :)

That being said, I’ll leave you here : someone has a message for you !  


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