Patterns from other website n°5 (Halloween special) : Oogie Boogie, Pumpkin and Pacman Ghost pot holder

Halloween patterns  ahooka

What about completing our Halloween decoration with a new Patterns from other website

I call Oogie Boogie as a candy distributor, a pumpkin as a pincushion and a Pacman potholder !

1. Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare before Christmas)

This pattern was released on october 7. On October 8, I already knew what yarn and crochet to use, and I had change my plans concerning this Patterns from other website article ! Oogie Boogie had instantly become the headline ! Yes, I’m deeply in love with a jute bag monster… But I’m fine ! I promise ! :D 

To the left : the original pattern, to the right : my work
Oogie3_medium2  Oogie boogie amigurumi  by ahooka

You’d better pay attention now ’cause I’mmmm the Boogie Man
And if you aren’t shakin’ then there’s something very wrong !
Cause this may be the last time now you heaaar the boogie song…
Wo ooh, wooo ooh…

I can hear him singing from here, can’t you?

Designer : Nichole’s nerdy knots

Price : free


– First, the design is flawless ! Proportions are perfect and the pattern is very clear. 

– I’ve learned a new stitch, that I will use again for sure : the mirror crochet ! It is a reverse single crochet that make your piece looks like you’ve worked it in the round while you worked in rows. If you look closely, you’ll see that this stitch tends to lean to the right, but it’s very subtle. Extremely useful, I had to practice it a little bit though !

– The mouth is studied to contain little surprises, it’s so cool ! I will totally go and buy some fake bug candies to hide in there for Halloween ! 
Cons :

– Honestly, I couldn’t find any. Except maybe a tiny little mistake in the pattern : You should sew the sides right sides together and not wrong sides together as stated. (I informed the designer of this, I think she will correct it very soon) 

oogie boogie amigurumi by ahookaYarn used : Drops Bomull lin  with a 3mm crochet hook (D/3). It is a lttle rough to work with but the linen in it was perfect to mimic the jute ! 

My changes :

– Just fine as it was, I still wanted to add some detailing. When Oogie Boogie sings and dances, his jute clothes move and make some pleats. That’s what I wanted to add to the pattern, so I pinned them into place, then saw them. Here is a quick tutorial !

Conclusion :

I am super jealous not being the designer of this extra cool design ! I LOVED it ! And, I’ll surely keep it as a decoration after Halloween ! 


2. Halloween pumpkin

My partner gave me this pattern which he liked a lot. I know I had already seen something similar on the internet but I liked the little leaf a lot because it added a little something to the pumpkin. 

To the left : the original pattern, to the right : my work
il_570xN.298348564 pumkin amigurumi by ahooka

Designer : Luvbug026

Prix : 3.21€ / 4.10$

Pros :

– Enables you to celebrate Halloween even when you’re sewing :D I’ve replaced my tomato pincushion for the occasion ^^

– Very easy to make
Cons :

– The leaf pattern is wrong and incomplete. You cannot finish it without coming up with the end yourself…And that’s not what you expect from a pattern (especially a paid one)

– Paid pattern…I wouldn’t usually list that as a con because I think it’s ok to pay for a good and original pattern. Unfortunatly, in this case, the pattern can be found all over the internet (for free) so, yes, it is nice, but no, it’s not original at all. Except for the leaf…But the pattern being wrong there doesn’t help.

Yarn used : Phildar Cabotine with a 3mm crochet hook (D/3) and 2.5 for the leaves (C/2).

My changes :

– I had to improvised the leaf completely with the picture reference.

Conclusion :

Yes, it’s pretty, but no, one shouldn’t pay for it ! 

3. Pacman Ghost Pot Holder

To the left : the original pattern, to the right : my work
tuto manique ou Tawashi crochet pacman ghost by ahooka

Designer : Hooklook

Price : Free (in French !)

Pros :

– It’s geek

– It’s nice

– It’s fun


– It’s in French, but you can easily figure out what to do with the pictures.

– In the pattern, the designer uses one row squares so the corners tend to be a bit roundish which make it more difficult to assemble. 

Yarn used : Phil coton 3  (100% cotton) 

My changes :

– With the yarn chosen, the pot holder turned to be more of a coaster so I decided to enlarge the squares by making more rows. 

Conclusion :

Super cool idea, I loved it! As for Oogie Boogie, my pot holder won’t disappear after Halloween ! 


What about you? Do you have any Halloween pattern to share to? 

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  1. Really really upset was wanting the logic boogie pattern but it is nowhere to be found on ur site…

    • Maybe because this is not a pattern of mine as said in the title of this post “pattern of other website”… And “nowehere” to be find on my site is … Just below the picture of Oogie Boogie : “designer : Nichole’s nerdy knot” which is a direct link to the pattern. Seems like you were “really upset” for nothing.

  2. I LOVE your version!!! Yes, please do a tutorial on how you did your pleats!!! This is so adorable! Thank you for sharing your version! You took something already cute and made it amazing!!! Thanks again! :D

  3. Thanks for the Oogie Booge tips! I used a larger needle (I think a J?) and bulky yarn because I wanted a larger Oogie, and it came out great! I decided not to add the pleats since he was more pillowy at that size and less sculptural, but yours looks great, too!! And I am pretty sure that my version read “right sides facing” so your correction worked :D Thanks for posting!

  4. Omg i LOVE your version of oogie boogie! Anyone selling these boys anywhere? I would LOVE to purchase one!

    • Hi Andrea, I personally don’t have the time to make finished products as I’m busy writing patterns but I hope you’ll find somebody else !
      See you :)

  5. That pattern is not accessible anymore :( do you know of any other super awesome oogie patterns or know how to contact the original designer? Her website is gone and she’s shut down her Ravelry too.
    Help! I need an oogie boogie for my nephew!

    • Hi Meg, yes I’m so sorry, a lot of people contact me for that matter, I’ve tried to contact the designer but unfortunatly she won’t reply :/ So sorry about that !

  6. I don’t understand the “body pocket” and “inside head” part.
    How do I start them? :(
    I feel so dumb.

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