Halloween special n°3 : Zombie heads

zombie head pattern by ahooka

Ghosts are cool, but zombies are EVEN BETTER !

When I made the Plant vs Zombie chomper, with an Aradiya Toys pattern, I immediately wanted to make some zombie toys for it. Halloween being the best excuse to do so, here they are :

zombie head pattern by ahooka

As a candy plate decoration or as a carnivorous plant feast, those one won’t attack anybody anymore.


Very fast to make (about 1 hour each), you can surely involve your children with the felt cutting or gluing or even with the bloody spike making !

…Well…Maybe not with the youngest ones…I wouldn’t feel comfortable being the reasons for long nightmarish nights !

zombie head pattern by ahooka

The pattern includes 6 pages, 18 pictures and include a very detailed step by step of each stage of the realization from the crocheted base to the spike and the felt details.

zombie head pattern by ahooka

If you think that this quick and easy pattern would be perfect to brighten up (or darken up? ^^) your Halloween decoration, it’s already available in my Etsy Shop ! Don’t forget to add it to your Ravelry projects!

See you next week for the next Halloween special ! :)

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