Pineapple crochet bag – Pattern for win !


Pineapple crochet bag by Ahooka
Moschino and Asos had better watch out, I designed my pineapple bag too !

The pineapple is (just like watermelon !) the fruity accessory of this summer. If you already knew me on my old blog, you know I wanted to spare the 405€ (540$) that the Moschino bag cost. So, I decided to make my own crocheted pineapple bag  :

Pineapple crochet bag by AhookaIn order to write down the pattern, I made a new one, available in many variants :

– a crocheted bottom, or a leather bottom

– crocheted strap or leather strap

– different combinations of colors

The pattern contains the instructions for all those variants.


Pineapple crochet bag by AhookaIf you’d like to make your own pineapple bag too, The pattern is now available in my Etsy shop but today, and for another 2 weeks, you could also win it !

You just have to comment down this post – with a valid e-mail adress !

The winner(s) will be drawn and announced on my Facebook page on monday 18th august, 7pm CET
(end of participations saturday 16th august 11:59 pm CET)

Furthermore, if there is 30 participations or more (French and English pages included)  The second and third person to be drawn will also receive a 50%-off coupon, valid on any of my Etsy shop patterns (Pineapple bag included, of course !)

Keep an eye on my facebook publications, as I might give an additional chance to win there !

The winner should manifest herself before the 1st september or another winner will be drawn.

Pineapple crochet bag by Ahooka

Now it’s your turn ! :-)

20 Responses to Pineapple crochet bag – Pattern for win !

    • Ahah you’re right ! Well, I’m not sure I would but WHY NOT :D
      As you can see you’re the first English speaker to participate so, welcome here ! :D Stay tuned for the results :)

  1. Wow what an awesome pattern! You are so crafty. Wish I had your eye for colour and creativity ;-)
    *should be doing housewotk but busy drooling over website instead*
    Me thinks I’m a gonna go get my crochet hooks out now.

    • Thanks for your nice comment ^^
      *should be doing housework but busy [insert any other activity] instead* = The story of my life ! :D

      Happy crocheting :p / Your participation has been validated !

  2. Spending some quiet birthday time and found this! Absolutely amazing! Remember, Pineapples are not just for eating!
    Hope to win this bag!

  3. I can’t believe I stumbled across this competition after explicitly searching for pineapple bags! I love your pattern!

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