▲Pimp your pattern▲ Star Wars special (part 2) !

star wars crochet part1 by ahooka

After Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and Yoda, let’s pimp Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt, a stormtrooper and Wicket the ewok !

But wait? What is “Pimp your patterns”?

Sometimes I write patterns, sometimes I follow patterns. But, you know how it goes, we, creative people, always have to add a little something ! That’s what “Pimp your patterns” is : my “little somethings”. So, in this category, I’ll be posting the patterns I followed, and all the changes I made to them so you can make them too if you’d like. 

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Pattern : Star Wars crochet kit, par Lucy Collin. (If you wish to know what I thought about the kit, see part 1).

Yarn used : – Phildar Phil coton 3 (Stormtrooper, Jango Fett) / Phildar impact 3.5 (Wicket) / Drops Safran (Boba Fett, Jabba)

1. Jabba The Hutt

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

• First big change : the belly patch. 
Chain 14 and work in rows (ch1, turn at the end of each row) : 
R1 : sc in 2nd ch from hook and in the 12 remaining chains (13)
R2 : inc, sc11, inc (15)
R3 : sc in each st (15)
R4 : inc, sc13, inc (17)
R5 : sc in each st (17)
R6 : sc16, inc (18)
R7 : inc, sc17 (19)
R8 : inc, sc16, inc (19)
R9 : sc in each st (19)
R10 : dec, 16sc, dec, ch4 (23)
R11 : sc in 2nd ch from hook, and in the 21 remaining stitches (22)
R12 : dec, sc19, inc (22)
R13 : dec, sc18, dec (20)
R14 : dec, sc6,dec (8)
Then, sc around (with 3sc in each corners).

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

Then, the arms. I made them thinner and curving around the belly : 
R1 : sc6 in a MR (6)
R2-4 : sc in each st (6)
R5 : hdc, 2 inc, 2 dec (6) – note : this row uses 1 stitch from the next row.
R6 : slst, 2hdc, 3slst (6)
R7-9 : sc in each st (6)
R10a (right arm) : sc, 4hdc, slst (6)
R10b (left arm) : slst, 4hdc, sc (6)

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

Then, small details.
I was happy to find those snake (or cat?) eyes in my stash ! I have to admit when I bought them, I wasn’t expecting to use them on a big fat slug :D 
I also added some folds using the same technique as for Oogie Boogie. 

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

2. Wicket the ewok

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

Seriously, what would you want to change to this cutie? I only chose not to embroider the mouth and nose (as I don’t like them in the movie either !) 

3. Stormtrooper

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

I have to say, the stormtrooper is one of my least favorite character of the book. And, I also have to admit that even with the changes I tried to make, I’m still not really happy with the result.

• For the head, I did make 12 black surface slst between row 11 and 12 instead of changing colors in row 7, so that the black line would be thinner. I also changed Rnd 12 like so : 2dcbobx10, sc9, 2dcbobx10, sc1, so that the bump made by the 2dcbobs would continue at the back.  

• For the arms, I made the black row in row 5 instead of 4 and I also made Row 10 in black. 

• For the face details, I tried to embroider them but…Not my greatest success :D 

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

4. Bobba Fett… And Jango

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

This was my favorite pattern from the book for sure ! I didn’t change  a thing, I love it ! 
I only replaced the regular color changes by invisible color changes. Then, I embroidered those small yellow lines and that’s it ! 

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

So… As I had nothing to say about Boba, I decided to use the pattern to make his “dad” : Jango ! 

Head and cheast : replace green with gray, red with light blue, sage-green with blue. Than, below the belt, make row 21 to 25 in blue and the others in gray. For the arms : row 1 and 2 in blue, 3 and 4 in gray, 6 to 8 in blue and 9-10 in gray. 

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

Then, add a small crotch patch  :
Rg1 : 2ml, sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1ml, turn (1)
Rg2 : inc,1ml , turn(2)
Rg3: 2 inc (4)

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

And that’s it ! 

star wars crochet part2 by ahooka

Stay tuned for the next *Pimp your patterns* with Slave Leia, a X-wing pilot, admiral Acbkar, Obi Wan Kenobi and a Jawa, still from Lucyravenscar (or Lucy Collin) but from her Etsy shop this time :) 

See you soon !

18 Responses to ▲Pimp your pattern▲ Star Wars special (part 2) !

  1. A lot of time and effort, well done you. Why is it they always put rubbish yarn into kits? I don’t buy them anymore for that reason. Could you tell me how you embroidered the eyelids over the plastic eyes. I can’t see anywhere where you say. If you have I apologise. Merci, Great blog.

    • Thank you Soffity, I know right? I think it’s a bit disrespectful to the designer of the book who did a great job ! I would have bought the book alone if we could !
      The eyelids are sewn just at the border of the eyes, on the head (the upper one is sewn on its top, the bottom is “free”)

  2. Awesome!! These are so cute! d(>w<)I really love the Bobba Fett and Jango Fett, they're my faveorite Star Wars characters…next to R2 though! :D

    • Thank you very much Miranda ! I didn’t make the R2 because I already have one that I find more realistic, but I’ll add him to the next *pimp your pattern* :)

  3. I’ve had this book for awhile now but haven’t had time to make any of them. Now I’m glad I waited, I love your alterations (I alter patterns all the time too). I feel the same way you do about Vader, really wonky helmet, I’m hoping I can alter it some way.
    Currently I’m working on a Luke Skywalker security blanket for a friend’s baby. I love Star Wars

      • No, it will end up being a small blanket with stuffed arms and a head attached to it. They’re also called loveys.

        • Oh right, sorry, I missed the word “security” there :) Nice ! I’ve seen a Leia one but never a luke !

  4. Wow, I knew that I wasn’t the only person to play with those patterns a bit! The Stormtrooper always bugged me as well, I love your suggestions. In addition to small changes I was able to use the basic pattern to create other characters like the aliens in the cantina scene, and the Bad Batch cartoon.

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