Everything has a starting point : 4 beginner’s mistakes to avoid

Jawa amigurumi by ahooka Toothless amigurumi by Ahooka

scrat amigurumi by Ahooka  sackboy amigurumi by ahooka

Everything begins somewhere, right? So, as a first post, here are four amigurumis among my firsts, with their beginner mistakes… Not to be repeated ;-D (follow the link to see a before/after for those amis, and little tips to improve one’s work !)

Jawa amigurumi by ahooka

I. Jawa (Star Wars)

Pattern by Lucyravenscar 

Mistake n°1 : to crochet various colors with a different type of yarn ! Actually, when I started crocheting, I didn’t have many yarn colors to choose from, so I picked the black yarn somewhere and the brown yarn somewhere else, without adapting the scale ! As a result, my poor little jawa doesn’t fit in his too tight hoodie !




sackboy amigurumi by ahooka

 II. Sackboy (Little Big Planet)

Free pattern by Nerdigurumi 

Mistake n°2 : To crochet on the wrong side of the work without noticing it ! Here, that’s what I did with the arms and that’s why they look super big and bulky !

However, it should be noted that working on the “wrong” side isn’t a mistake alone : some “hookers” and designers’ prefer the texture of the wrong side ! The main thing is to make up one’s mind about what to do…Unlike myself with my Sackboy bodybuilder :-D


Toothless amigurumi by Ahooka

III. Baby Tootless (How to train your dragon)

Free pattern by sarselgurumi 

Mistake n°3 : to crochet with an oversized crochet hook, and especially stuffing too much ! You can see the fiberfill showing throught the stitches ! Yuk ! Furthermore, I also made  mistake n°2 by crocheting the ears on the wrong side ! In addition, I didn’t have felt at the time, so I tried to crochet the eyes…Well, all in all, my Toothless is definitly less cute then the original one !



Scrat Amigurumi by Ahooka

IV. Scrat (Ice Age)

Free pattern by greatgreycrochet 

Mistake n°4 : not fixing safety nose properly… See for yourselves :-D Poor lil’ Scrat !


What about you? Do you have any beginner’s mistakes to share? (Don’t leave me alone in this ! :-p)

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  1. I know what you’re talking about.
    Definitely did n°1 and n°2 when I started. I didn’t mix it up. I always crocheted on the wrong side. (I know, there is no wrong side, but I like the look of the other side much better.)
    Until now I have never used a safety nose, but now I know what I’ll have to pay attention to.
    Thanks for this article.

    • Right ! In my opinion, the “wrong” side doesn’t look that bad on big, regular surfaces (like cozzies or things like so) , but as soon as it comes to increasing or decreasing it becomes ugly like hell :D

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