Welcome to my new web home !

Here I am ! Welcome to my new place ! Please, make yourselves comfortable :-)

Canalblog is a nice plateform to start with, unfortunately one quickly feels cramped in its limited configurations. So, I’ve decided to get a house of my own, erect walls, give it a coat of paint, beautify the balcony (and get rid of the intrusive billboards that used to decorate my previous flat hosted by Canalblog)

As with all moves, some old pieces of furniture are kept but not all of them tough ! And others are given a second life ! That’s why, rather then transferring all my old posts here, I will offer you a revised post every day for the next 2 weeks, before taking up the regular program again.

So what’s next?

Lessons drawn from my first amigurumi mistakes
Reviews of patterns I’ve already tested
Free patterns improvements, accompanied with new pictures
– Even new patterns !
– Translations in English…as the saying goes : the more the merrier!

See you tomorrow for the first post ! Feel free to drop me a line !


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