4 steps to organize (and get done with) your WIPS {printables inside}

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Admit it. I’m not the only one with hidden bags and drawers full of WIPS (work in progress) to be finished…, maybe…, one day…

At first, I was pretty well dealing with my to-do list. I had my current WIP, and sometimes I had a long term project beside it. One project followed another and everything was quiet and peaceful. 

Then there were the first CALs (crochet along), the first discontinued yarn, and also the project that HAD to be done, right away, and you know I could go on. And here comes the big bag of shame, hidden somewhere behind the couch full of unfinished projects, that you’re kind of frightened to approach, fearing that it might swallow you up in a big yarn wave as soon as you open it. 

But today is the day. Let’s screw up our courage all together, and FACE IT ! :D 

Step 1 : The gathering

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I talked about ONE bag of shame. But it’s more than likely that you have more than one, scattered in the whole house. So, the first step is to gather them all. Open all the drawers, boxes, bags, and put everything in front of you. Don’t be scared, I know they look at you with evil eyes, but you can do it, I have faith in you. 

Step 2 : the sorting

Now that they are all there, you’ll probably realize that there are way too many of them. You have so many other beautiful projects to achieve, so now is the time to be efficient. Let’s sort out the mess !

1/ Projects to be frogged and/or trashed

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The very first thing we’re going to do is to analyse those projects, one by one. Do you HAVE to finish it? Do you WANT to finish it? Do you still have the pattern? Do you still have yarn to complete it? Do you remember what you were going for? If the answers are no, come on, get that yarn back in your stash, and what can’t be frogged in the trash ! 

organize your WIPS by ahooka 23

2/ Quick to finish projects

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Sometimes, you’ll also realize that some projects were almost done when you abandoned them. If you can complete them in less than an hour, go on and put them at the very top of your to-do list. You’ll be able to tick those boxes really quickly and here comes the great accomplishment feeling !

3/ Long term projects (CALS, afghans,…)

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Those are the only one who have a reason to be WIPS. You will often spend month on them, so it’s perfectly normal to put them on the side from time to time to work on smaller projects. However, they should receive the same treatments as others : if you haven’t made a single row in a whole year : frog it or trash it, you won’t get back to it anyway. 

4/ Other projects

organize your WIPS by ahooka 32

These are my worst enemies. My goal is to get rid of them, I should only have one of those at a time on my crochet hook (one can dream, right?)

Etape 3 : The filing

organize your WIPS by ahooka 47

Now that you have put so much effort in sorting out all these projects and have narrowed them down to a minimum, it’s time to file them. How many times have you lost the location of a pattern you were working on? Or didn’t remember the hook you were using? Or the row you were at? Here is a little help for that.

I made some cards ready to be filled with the name of the project, its deadline, the pattern, hook and yarn used, as well as a section to write down your progression and your personal notes.

Once those cards are filled in for each projects you still have, fill out the second one which will sum up all your projects all in one place. Keep that sheet on your desk, and never lose track of your projects anymore.

organize your WIPS by ahooka 34

You can download  both those printables for free here :

Download WIP cards (pdf)

Download the WIP sheet (pdf)


Step 4: The sorting

organize your WIPS by ahooka 49

Now you just need to find ONE (and ONLY) place to store them, along with their cards, and that’s it ! You can go back to crochet with your mind at peace (well, don’t forget to complete them at one point too :p)

(PS: Feel free to share this article with your crocheters and knitters friends !) 


See you soon !


20 Responses to 4 steps to organize (and get done with) your WIPS {printables inside}

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your process and your organizational paperwork. I downloaded the card and sheet but you are so right, I’m totally scared to even begin looking for all my wips (and I live in a 1-bedroom apartment LOL). Given your courage, I will commit to getting organized too. Thanks again for your courage and encouragement!!!

  2. I am in the process of sorting out ALL my yarn so this could not have come at a better time for me. My WIP tend to get separated from the rest of the yarn, then I start making something else with that yarn, forgetting it was for the WIP. I am so bad…:). So now my yarn is all in one room. I am going to dump it all out and sort it properly and using your printables, I will get it organised – I will, I will. Thanks you so much for sharing these, they will be so helpful.

  3. Great idea. I really need more time and money to get more supplies for some of my projects. Thank you for sharing your idea sheet and cards.

  4. Thanks- this is a great post! :) Thanks also for the printables. Now I have no excuse for not getting organized…

  5. Amen, sister. I just frogged a project I started almost two years ago ’cause I had to be honest: I was never going to finish it (not to mention that the baby it was ment to be for probably tripled its size since then).
    Thanks a lot for the printables. I am going to use them for my projects ^^
    I manage to keep all my wips in one room and currently I need only one basket. My goal is to keep it that way.
    But to be honest the bigger problem for me is to start a project that is sitting my list xD There is always another project. But three cheers for me: I am half way through making the socks for a good friend of mine I promised her an eternity ago xD

    Yours, Aly <3

  6. I have so many WIP I can’t remember what I was making in the first place. Today I started taking them apart to start new. Hopefully I’ll remember them. WE make Moses baskets at our church for mothers who don’t have anything I am the crocheted so I always try to do little extra things, an blanket, blocks binky holders , different little things. I also make loveys for them. There are six of us the do this everything is hand made ,even the mattress. we us rubber made laundry baskets. make liner and the a mattress, we fill them with sheet, receiving blankets taggie, hat, wash cloths and towels, and the best thing of all is we make them homemade quilts I use a lot of your patterns but I don’t sell them they are given to them free.I don’t know why I told you all that , I was just going to wish you a Happy birthday. Sorry about that

    • Thank you so much Dawna ! I loved to hear your story, and it is amazing what you’re doing ! The world needs more people like you !

  7. OMYGOD thank you SO much for this post!! I’ve been dying to start crocheting and knitting items for the upcoming Fall & Winter seasons but I have several WiPs that I haven’t had the enrgy to complete lol!! But now with your great tips I’m on my way to completing them!! Thank you again and have a blessed day!! :)

  8. Thanks for the project sheet and cards. I’ve been looking for something to help me with my projects. One thing I would like to contribute here is that those items that you can’t frog (and are tempted to throw away), you could always use them as part of the stuffing in any of the projects that require stuffing. This way, all that work will actually be a part of something. (Of course, you will have to put it in a bag and mark it for such use….but that’s OK.)

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