A cross stitch embroidery in a photo frame : yes, but… [tips & tricks]


Among all the possibilities to display a cross stitch embridery, you can put it in a photo frame.

Yes, but… Depending on the frame, sometimes, the back has holes in it ! It’s not a problem when you put a picture in it as it’s opaque, but the Aïda cloth let the light come out of those holes ! Oops…

So, here is an easy way to make your embroidery opaque in order to display it in a photo frame. 


The latest project I made was calling for photo frames :

broken image cross stitch
At the beginning, these were family pictures, but as some links are now broken, the pictures don’t show anymore ! (Pattern available in my Etsy shop)


But I had to find an easy way out to hide that big showing hole ! So, I tried it all : paper (no results), heavyweight paper (few results), cardborard (frame no more closable…)…

THE solution ? Aluminium foil.


framing cross stitchMaterial:

– Aluminium foil
– heavyweight paper (approx. 250gr)
– cisors
– a frame




tuto-framing-cross-stitch-5-by-ahooka1) Cut out your paper to the size of your frame. Cut the aluminium fold just a little bit bigger, and fold in on your paper. 






tuto-framing-cross-stitch-6-by-ahooka2) Place it behind your embroidery and close the photo frame. 






And that’s how you go from this…


…to this…

broken image cross stitch

…in about 3 minutes !


 What about you? How do you display your embroideries?


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  1. Thank you for this tip! I just got into cross stitch again and have a lot of framing projects in mind. I will definitely use this :)

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