Fluffy Bunny – crochet amigurumi free pattern

fluffy bunnies by ahooka

If you’d like to relax between 2 projects, or to use the end of a skein,  fluffy bunnies are for you ! With the same simple pattern, you can make hundreds of versions depending on your mood or taste! fluffy bunnies amigurumi by ahooka

fluffy bunnies amigurumi by ahookafluffy bunnies amigurumi by ahooka


9 Responses to Fluffy Bunny – crochet amigurumi free pattern

  1. I found this pattern while Googling for fluffy bunny gifs to cheer up a friend on Ravelry.com. These are adorable! I haven’t crocheted for years, but now I have to make fluffy bunnies. And your unicorn. And– Yes, I’m going to be re-learning all my crochet stitches. ;) Great patterns!

  2. ti ringrazio ho ricevuto per fare unicorno,ma non riesco perche’non e’in italiano grazie sei bravissima

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