Patterns from other website n°2 [july] : Plant vs Zombie Chomper and Minion lovey blanket

Chomper amigurumi by Ahooka Minion lovey blancket by Ahooka

Today, let me introduce you to Chomper and Banana Minion !

I. Chomper

Designer :  Aradiya Toys

Chomper amigurumi by Ahooka

The first thing I loved about this pattern was its originality, and I wasn’t disappointed at all by the result once finished.
My only problems were with the teeth, which ended with a different scale from the original design.
I also had some trouble understanding the instructions for the base (that I finally made my own way)




Chomper amigurumi by AhookaMy changes :

– I enlarged its dorsal spikes and changed the colors in order to fit more to the new Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare design
– I made the inside of its mouth in a dark red instead of purple
– I didn’t make the ruff out of leaves at all, because I thought it was too bulky.




II.  Minion Lovey Blanket

Minion lovey blancket by AhookaDesigner : Pattern by Knotty Hooker Designs
Banana Pattern by Esbellota

I first discovered this minion on another French blog, but its owner couldn’t give me the pattern as it was a crochet-along. Since then, my cousin has had the great idea to get pregnant :p That gave me the perfect excuse to go back and find it ! Which I did on ravelry! Yay !
Be mindful that the banana is not a part of the pattern, I did link the one I used but you’ll have to shrink it otherwise it won’t fit your minion.


Minion lovey blancket by Ahooka

My changes :

– The mouth : it was a simple smile on the original pattern, I preferred to embroider this fool smile :p
– The “blanket” : I did line it with a piece of fleece so it would be softer. 




3 Responses to Patterns from other website n°2 [july] : Plant vs Zombie Chomper and Minion lovey blanket

  1. Hi there

    I know it’s probably too long since you made your Chomper but if you can remember – I would love to ask you a question about the head part of the pattern. I have written to the designer 3 times but for some reason she doesn’t respond (I’ve tried both Ravelry and Etsy).

    The instructions for the head in rows 17, 18 and 19 say to leave stitches uncrocheted. Row 19 says to leave 20 stitches uncrocheted. You obviously understood the pattern as you successfully completed your Chomper but I’m stumped by this. How do you leave 20 stitches uncrocheted before starting the next round??

    Sorry to bother you if you can’t help, but I would love to finish this project. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious and am so frustrated! :-)

    Kind regards,
    Gayna Barnett

    • Hi Gayna and sorry for the late reply ! I’m sorry I just checked and I don’t see the “leave stitches uncrocheted” you’re talking about in the head section. Is you pattern from Aradiya too?

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