Invisible finish and color change when crocheting in spiral [video tutorial]

invisible color change by ahooka

Contrary to what appears to be, I’m away this week (the internet is magic, isn’t it? ^^) but as I promised, here is the rest of the video tutorials that will enable us to put the theory into practice next week :p I call the invisible color change when crocheting in spiral , the best tip for every meticulous crocheter :D  

I was never really satisfied with color changes when crocheting in the round until I ran into this method… Honestly, the color change that causes to show a big step in your work isn’t very satisying. It’s a good method when you’re in a hurry to finish your work but not when you want a really neat work. 

The first step to the invisible color change is to finish of the first color with the invisible finish technique

Then, you’ll habe to introduce the new color


That’s it!

It takes a little bit longer but it is worth it, isn’t it?


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  1. I would like to know if I’m doing sc in back loops only do I use the back loops when I insert the hook under the stitch instead of going under both loops like you did ? How does this not decrease stitches then ? Thank you so much for your video !

  2. This is an excellent tuition! My sight is not great so I slowed the video down and I had no trouble following your instructions. Your method of changing colors gives a perfect result. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I very much disliked the usual method of changing colors with the step up in the row. A huge thank you from me😄

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