How to crochet around a chain? [video tutorial]

crochet around a chain

Sometimes, when you need an oval rather than a circle, some patterns start by crocheting around a chain rather than by a magic circle. This is the case for Tinycorn pattern and I know it may have cause some issues. That’s why this new video will show you how to crochet around a chain ! 

I tried to improved this new video thanks to your comments on the first one here and on facebook. Feel free to tell me if you think some things aren’t clear, improvable or completely messed up :D 

And if you weren’t convinced that your work would be improved by working in the back bump of the chain, as explained in the first video, here is a comparison picture ! The first oval has been made by crocheting in the middle of the “v’s” of the chain, the second one, in the back bump of the chain. 

crochet around a chain

Goodbye tiny ugly holes that let the stuffing show through !  :)

Next week, I’ll be on a training course, but I have prepared a third video that will be used, with both others to make an item of this picture ! (I’m sure you’ve guessed which one ^^) 

crochet workspace


Oh, and I almost forgot : maybe have you noticed that the Instagram logo appered next to Youtube‘s :) I’ve given in ^^ Feel free to join me there ! 


9 Responses to How to crochet around a chain? [video tutorial]

  1. Thank you for such a clear demonstration. I have always had issues with making an oval from a starting chain.

  2. I am having trouble with my work curling. My foundation chain is straight and I tried several times to keep the tension consistent. Any tips?

    • Hi Stephanie, you can try to loosen a bit the stitches of your foundation chain, however, don’t worry if your work is curling a bit a the beginning, it will eventually flatten as you go !

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