Rose, the unicorn lovey : making-of

unicorn lovey pattern by ahooka 05

It has been almost a year since I started this project. I was going to visit my family for a while, and as usual, I tried to make some customized gifts for everyone. 

unicorn lovey making of by ahooka

For example, a never-wilting orchid for my grandma who loves them (free pattern by MaryJ Handmade), some small mushrooms bookmarks for my grandfather, a Tim Burton’s toxic boy for a cousin of mine (soon to be released too ^^), and this cute little unicorn lovey for one of her sister’s soon-to-be-born. 

I had made several C2C (corner to corner) projects, and I really loved it ! It’s quick, fun and easy to make, and the result is beautiful ! That’s why I decided to apply that technique to the lovey. 

When I make something new, I always try and take notes so that I can easily duplicate it (especially when it comes to a lovey ^^), or a pattern if I like how it turned out. 

unicorn lovey making of by ahooka

So, the plan was to wait until the end of July to publish the picture, and then to write the pattern. 

But if you subscribed to my newsletter, you know that things haven’t turned out as planned since then. Among many other things, I lost my little furry assistant. I also had to move house (and city) twice, and even though I tried to get back to it on it several times, I also think that sometimes, you just need to let time take its course. 

Little by little, things got back to normal, and that’s precisely the time when my cousin came by to visit me with her tiny little newborn, AND her unicorn. 

unicorn lovey making of by ahooka

I think it was the little boost I needed. That, combined with the return of the sunny days, and being able to crochet outside with Owlivia who has always been of a great help ^^

unicorn lovey making of by ahooka 01unicorn lovey making of by ahooka 02unicorn lovey making of by ahooka 06 unicorn lovey making of by ahooka 07

I know right? There are worse places to work in. 

I made the finishing inside, under a demanding supervisor (I have to admit she is a great successor as an assistant ^^) 

unicorn lovey making of by ahooka 09 unicorn lovey making of by ahooka 11 unicorn lovey making of by ahooka

Then I went on my computer, and worked on the pattern’s pictures and layout… 

unicorn lovey making of by ahooka

And that’s it ! Here I was, last Tuesday, sending the release announcement by email, all shaky as if it had been my first one. 

(If you’re looking for the pattern, it’s available directly on my website here, or as always on Etsy and Ravelry ! )

It has been a bizarre year, with good, not so good and unexpected things,… And I’m really glad that I’m finally done with a project started that long ago !

Thank you so much for your support during that period !


See you very soon ! :)


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  1. I want to come and crochet in your “office”! So beautiful. Thank you for all the amazing patterns, and inspiration. Glad you are back!

    • Ahah I know right, it was so inspiring to crochet in such a nice place. I wish I could go there every day ^^
      Thank you very much barbara, see you soon !

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