C2C crochet (corner to corner) : video tutorial

C2C crochet tutorial by ahooka 27

You surely have heard about the C2C technique (corner to corner) given it’s such a trend. And rightfully so : it’s pretty easy to do, quick and above all, super nice ! 

Plus, it allows you to use the graphgans graphs (like the star wars one)  as I did for BB8 : 

C2C crochet tutorial by ahooka

C2C crochet tutorial by ahooka

It’s also the technique I used for Rose, the unicorn lovey

unicorn lovey pattern by ahooka 05

While I was writing the pattern, I made pictures to explain it, and I soon realized that videos would be way more effective, so here they are !  

The first part explains the basics :

The second one explains how to change color and how to stop increasing the side of the square : 

There is also a third part included in the pattern that explains how to make the border and weave the ends in, but nothing essential to start it up right now ! 

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, I’d be glad to help !

See you soon!

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