Star Wars crochet blanket : free charts and explanations !

star wars charts by ahooka

Promises are made to be kept : here are the Star Wars charts I made for my blanket ! You don’t have an excuse anymore not to make it (or at least a cushion) to your husband/son/best friend :D (If you missed it, here is the article about the Star Wars blanket with more pictures)

Happy crocheting and may the force be with you !

Colors used

As mentioned in the article about the blanket, I used Phildar Cabotine with a 3mm crochet hook. As it is a French brand, it’s likely that you won’t find it in your local stores so make sure all the colors you need are available in the brand ou choose. As a rough guide, I also mention the number of 50gr skeins I used, but then again, it will depend on the yarn you choose.

– C1 brown (1 skein – “hévéa”)
– C2 golden beige (3 skeins – “kraft”)
– C3 khaki (1 skein – “bronze”)
– C4 green (1 skein – “feuille”)
– C5 light grey (2 skeins – “écume”)
– C6 dark grey (2 skeins – “granit”)
– C7 white (2 skeins – “craie”)
– C8 black (11 skeins, borders included – “noir”)
– C9 light beige (2 skeins – “sable”)
– C10 yellow (2 skeins – “mimosa”)
– C11 light blue (1 skein – “faïence”)
– C12 dark blue (1 skein – “outremer”)
– C13 red (2 skeins – “cerise”)
– C14 red brown (brick red) (1 skein – “tomette”)
– C15 orange (1 skein – “mandarine”)

Technique used

I chose to use single crochet intarsia. Here are some videos that explain this technique with a simple heart. If you’re new to it, I would recommend you to start with 2 colors squares.

To make things easier, I made tiny balls of yarn around clothes pins.

It took me about 30 minutes to weave in the ends for each squares. Be warned :p


– Here are only the graphs I created or modified myself. For the others, I’ll link back to the 2 designers who created the other Star Wars blocks I used in the blanket : Courtney Laube and Angelfire.

– Each graphs are 30×30 single crochet squares.

– You may click on the charts to enlarge them and print them in a larger format.

– These graphs may also be used for knitting or cross stitch works.

Copyright : Those free charts may not be reproduced, distributed, sold, published, or posted (for sell or for free) over the internet or offline. Please, link back to this article if you wish to share them. 


1. Nute Gunray

Colors : C2, C3, C5, C8, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

2. Naboo ship

Colors : C5 C7, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

3. Princess Amidala

Colors : C1, C2, C8, C9, C10, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

4. Darth Maul

Colors : C8, C10, C13, C15

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Courtney Laube’s pattern, available here. I replaced the blue part of her graph by black to erase the cape.

5. Tatooine Lars Homestead

Colors : C1, C2, C5, C8, C9, C11

star wars charts by ahooka

6. Jango Fett

Colors : C5, C6, C7, C8, C11, C12

star wars charts by ahooka

A simpler graph by Angelfire is available here

7. Old clone

Colors : C5, C7, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

A simpler graph by Angelfire is available here

8. General Grievous

Colors : C1, C6, C8, C9, C10

star wars charts by ahooka

9. Order 66

Colors : C8, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

10. Dark Sidious / the emperor

Colors : C2, C5, C8, C9, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

11. Dark Sidious lightnings

Colors : C7, C8,C11

star wars charts by ahooka

12. Yoda

Colors : C1, C2, C3, C4, C6, C7, C8, C9

star wars charts by ahooka

Another graph by Courtney Laube is available here

13. Tie Fighter

Colors : C5, C6, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

Another graph by Angelfire is available here

14. Alliance symbol

Colors : C8, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Angelfire graph, available here

15. Y-wings

Colors : C5, C6, C8, C13, C15

star wars charts by ahooka

Another graph by Angelfire is available here

16. Republic symbol

Colors : C5, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

Another graph by Angelfire is available here

17. Deathstar n°1

Colors : C5, C6, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Angelfire graph, available here

18. Jawa

Colors : C2, C8, C10, C14

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Courtney Laube’s pattern, available here. I only made the eyes rounder and used only one shade of brown (brick-red).

19. C3PO

Colors : C2, C7, C8, C10, C11

star wars charts by ahooka

Another graph by Angelfire is available here

20. R2D2

Colors : C2, C5, C7, C8, C12, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Angelfire graph, available here, I only modified its upper part.

21. Landspeeder

Colors : C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C10, C11

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Angelfire graph, available here, I juste made the suns rounder.

22. New clones

Colors : C2, C5, C7, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Angelfire graph, available here, I just modified some tiny details.

23. Greedo

Colors : C3, C4, C7, C8, C9

star wars charts by ahooka

24. Faucon millenium

Colors : C5, C6, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Angelfire graph, available here

25. Jabba

Colors : C2, C3, C8, C9, C15

star wars charts by ahooka

26. X-Wing

Colors : C6, C7, C8, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Courtney Laube’s pattern, available here.

27. Bobba Fett

Colors : C2, C4, C5, C6, C8, C10, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

A simpler graph by Angelfire is available here

28. ATAT

Colors : C5, C6, C7, C11

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Courtney Laube’s pattern, available here., I added a landscape, 2 legs and some details on the body.

29. Death Star n°2

Colors : C5, C6, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Angelfire graph, available here

30. Ewok

Colors : C1, C2, C4, C5, C7, C8, C14, C15

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Courtney Laube’s pattern, available here. I modified the hoodie and reduced the number of brown shades to 3.

31. Imperial shuttle

Colors : C5, C6, C8

star wars charts by ahooka

32. Luke Skywalker

Colors : C2, C6, C7, C8,C9, C12

star wars charts by ahooka

33. Lightsabers

Colors : C4, C5, C8, C9, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Courtney Laube’s pattern, available here. I added some details on the handles.

34. Darth Vador

Colors : C5, C8, C13

star wars charts by ahooka

I used Courtney Laube’s pattern, available here.

35. “Star Wars”

Colors : C8, C10

star wars charts by ahooka

This block is 126 single crochet wide x 62 high in order to include the border of the blocks which will be joined to it. Don’t forget to add some of you make bigger borders. (see blanket scheme below)

EDIT : BONUS n°36 : Chewbacca

This square was made by Venus781 when she made her blanket. And she kindly accept to share it with us all ! Thank you very much !


BONUS n°37-41 : Leia, Ackbar, Obi Wan, Han, AT-ST

These squares were made by Ashley M. who kindly offered to share them with us ! Thank you very much !

leai ackbar obiwan hansolo AT-ST

BONUS n°42 : BB8

This square was made by Julie who kindly offered to share it with us ! Thank you very much !

BB8 Julie

BONUS n°43-53 :  Ackbar, AT-ST, BB8, Han Solo, Imperial Guard, Kylo Ren, Leia, Max Rebo, Obi Wan, Sand people, Wampa

These squares were made by Terri H. who kindly offered to share them with us ! Thank you very much !

ackbar ackbarb

!cid_image017_jpg@01D17DE0 atst

bb8 bb8b

hansolo hansolob

imperial guard imperial guardb

kylo kylob

leia leiab

maxrebo maxrebob

obiwan obiwanb

sandpeople sandpeopleb

Wampa Wampab

BONUS n°54-57 :  Porg, Phasma, new order and Poe

These squares were made by Stephanie M. J. who kindly offered to share them with us ! Thank you very much !

porgphasmanew order

Download grids (excell) :
new order

BONUS n°58-61 :

These squares were made by Vanessa (Mexico) who kindly offered to share them with us ! Thank you very much !


  • Arclys also provided new squares for free on her facebook page : BB8, imperial gard, Kylo Ren, sandman, blasters…


Here is the blanket scheme :


I made a single crochet border around each squares (with 3 sc in each corners). Then I joined them with slip stitches in the back loop only.

I made the blanket border with a row of single crochets (with 3 sc in each corners), a row of half double crochet in the back loop only, and a row which alternates half double crochet and front post double crochet to make some ribbing. But of course, you can make any kind of border you like !

Note : don’t forget to block your squares before joining them, it will be much easier.

And that’s it !

star wars crochet blanket by ahooka

If you wish to support me…
star wars crochet cushion pattern by ahooka 06 When I published the blanket article, a lot of you asked me how much I would sell the charts. I gladly share them for free for everybody to be able to spread the Star Wars love ! But if you liked it and wish to show your support you can :

• Share this article or

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282 Responses to Star Wars crochet blanket : free charts and explanations !

  1. Hello, I was just wondering if you had a gage for the pattern, or approximate size the squares are once you block them? Just in case the yarn isn’t the same size as you used. This is an amazing looking blanket, me and my husband are star wars nuts and I promised I would make it for him. Thanks for making it for free! :)

    • You’re welcome ! :) I’d be glad to see your finished blanket ! :) I should probably have mentioned it, you’re right : A finished blocked square is 17 cm² (about 6.7 inches)

  2. is it possible to download these. i cant see them clear enough. my nephew would love this…

  3. I love the blanket, and the different ways you could use each square so thanks . So a STAR WARS FAN.

      • Awesome!!! This is going to be EPIC!! I’m almost done making a Minecraft Blanket with charts that I created. Can’t wait to see the finished product for both of these blankets! Thanks a bunch :)

  4. Soooo cool. I already started to make Courtney’s blanket (I’m not much of a creator myself) and I really didn’t like Yoda or her unused graphs. I tried to draw a Yoda, but, alas, as said before not much of a creator I failed. Yours is so much better and there are enough other graphs to replace some of the many light sabers. I’m happy, thank you so much. The blanket will be for hubby, I would prefer a Star Trek one, if you ever fancy making one :-) … Live long and prosper!

    • Thanks a lot :) I’m glad you like it and that you’ll be able to add some of my charts to Courtney’s in your blanket :) I’m sure that will make a hell of a happy hubby :D I like Star Trek but I’m not as fan as Star Wars and I think you have to be in order to have the patience to make that big of a project :D But I’m sure someone will do it one day, the internet is magic :D

  5. Can these charts be done in Tunisian simple stitch? I love the blanket. My hubby saw it on Pinterest and is obsessed with having one. He’s a star wars fanatic.

    • Absolutely ! The result will even be neater in Tunisian because the stitches are squarer ! I think you’re going to make somebody happy ^^

  6. This is amazing. You do such a great job on all your patterns. Thank you for offering them to us for free but this one should really have been sold. It is that good, much better than the other two websites that offer similar patterns.

      • You have no idea how happy I was to find this and that they are free is heaven sent. I have a 40 yr old son that filled the house growing up with all the Star Wars toys! This will make a great Christmas present for him if I can get it done by then. God Bless you, you have made so many people happy by doing this!

  7. Can this be done as a knit blanket? I’m making it for my nephew and I’m a little faster with knitting than with crochet. If I were to knit, the border would be seed stitch, right?

    • Hi Kalen, yes this might be done as a knit blanket, however you need to keep in mind that knit stitches are flatter then single crochets so your squares might end up being more rectangle than mine.
      I’m sorry I can’t tell you which stitch to use for the border because I don’t know much about knitting !

    • As a knitter who is starting this blanket, i can say it can be done. Havent finished a full block yet so not sure if itll e rectangular or not yet.
      Im planning a seed stitch for the border, but honestly you could probably do any pattern. Maybe even a rib for outside and a seed to stitch the blocks together?

  8. I am in love with this blanket! I am starting mine now! How did you make the chart for the squares? I wanted to see about either adding a few squares (Han, Chewie, etc) but I have no clue how to make the charts, other than by hand. Do you have any tips for me? Thanks! May the force be with you!

    • Hi ! Sorry for the late reply, I’m just back from holidays :)
      As for the chart, I opened a document in Photoshop (works in Paint or any other drawing software too) of 30 x 30 pixels. Then, I started to draw with the pencil tool, keeping in mind to use only the colors I had previously selected.
      Hope that helps :)

  9. This is awesome thank you! I’ve never gone a graphgan but it seems simple enough. My Boyfriend is a huge star wars nut (he’s part of the 501st legion), I’m going to attempt this for a Christmas present.. or birthday present if December comes too soon lol (february is his birthday).. just need to figure out how to do it while keeping it hidden from him!

    • I know ! That’s a difficult matter to deal with ! Especially with all those balls of yarns hanging at the back of your work ! Please let me know if you find a way, I’m sure that will help a lot of us :D

      • This is the biggest obstacle… All the dangling yarn. I’ve completed the center STAR WARS with each ball sealed in a sandwich zip lock bag with my working end just sliding out the corner… BUT, they are soooooo light they tangle too easily. We [making husband help ENGINEER something] are working with the notion of using empty water/soda bottles (for added weight), glued/tied together, and something above them to thread each yarn ball through….. LIKE what stands above multi-media embroidery machines. It’s clear in my mind === NOW, to bring it into the real world,………… And keep secret from 18 yo grandson who will be recipient. We’ve raised him and learned FAR MORE ABOUT STAR WARS than others of our generation who were around (and already married) when it first debuted in the 70’s. If we get this done well enough…. I’ll post pics . Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Just a quick questions; the tie fighter, naboo ship and imperial shuttle, are they different shades of grey or just grey and white? I’m having a hard time differentiating the colors :P

    • Hi Shannon,

      The naboo ship is one shade of grey and white, the tie fighter and the imperial shuttle are 2 shades of grey !

      Have a nice day !

  11. I am currently making this for my sister for Christmas and I am about 4 squares in…I am finding that they all vary a tiny bit in size…did yours do this or am I going to have to redo some?

  12. I have another question, which squares have the golden beige and which ones have the light beige? I am having trouble differentiating the colors.

    • Golden beige is GB and Light beige is LB :
      1. Nute Gunray – GB
      3. Amidala – GB and LB
      5. Tatooine – GB and LB
      8. Griveous – LB
      10. Sidious – LB
      12. Yoda – GB and LB
      18. Jawa – GB
      19. C3PO – GB
      20. R2D2 – GB
      21. Landspeeder – GB
      22. New clone – GB
      23. Greedo – LB
      25. Jabba – GB and LB
      27. Bobba – GB
      30. Ewok – GB
      32. Luke – GB and LB
      33. Lighstabers – LB

  13. I know it’s probably a lot to ask but do you have a color list for each square? I’m having a hard time telling which colors go with each square. I would appreciate any help but I understand that it’s a lot to ask for. Thanks!

    • I think I figured it out :) there are just so many colors to keep track of but I went through square by square and figured it out :) thanks for the great patterns!!

      • Hi Jami ! I’m glad you figured it out,you’re totally right, that’s something I should totally do ! I’ll add it to my to-do list !

  14. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing graphs and inspiration! I just completed this using many of your graphs and several of my own. I’m so pleased with how it came out and happy that my husband and son have such a cool afghan to cover up with. Thanks so much!

  15. I have some star wars junkies up here who are DJ’s and drI’ve m3 nuts. So with your beautiful work would you mind if l got one done and was allowed raise funds for a charity that is close to my heart. We call it mo-v-ember were gentle men grow mustaches and the one who can raise the most will receive on complete blanket free of charge. Which will drive the two DJ crazy. Thank you it is to raise funds for prostrate cancer in men awareness.

  16. Hello :) happy to say things are going very well on this end, thank you so much again for this. Slight snap finding some of the colours, especially c3po’s gold. I’m about to start working on the Star Wars grid. I know this answer to this but I just want to confirm before I start and get too far in lol. 126 stitches so I must chain 127 correct?

    • Hi Shannon ! Happy to read that everything is going well ! You’re right, you should chain 127 :)
      Happy crocheting and May the force be with you ^^

    • Hi Pam ! Unfortunately no, I still didn’t make them :/ And with the holidays and all… I can’t promise it will be done soon. But thanks for reminding me that, I will definitely put that in the “urgent” To-do list now.

      • It’s ok, LOL

        THANK YOU!!!!!!
        I’ll try to work in some of them & let you know my progress!

        I’m really thankful that you share the force for free with us :D

        Ps. I’ll let you have a photo of the blanket when finished by a friend of mine :)

    • I think I have you to blame for my current crochet obsession! I saw a video on ticktok last year about a star wars blanket and that is the reason I decided to teach myself to crochet so I could make one for my husband for Christmas! Unfortunately he’s not getting it for Xmas this year, but for his bday next year! As I am still a beginner, am I right in assuming it’s all SC, and Ch1 when you turn your work?
      If it was your video I saw you have no idea how much you have impacted my life – obsessed really doesn’t begin to explain it!!!!!!

  17. Just started my blanket today and already have 2 squares done. My son is so excited because it is for him.

    • Hi Sharon, I’m sorry but I really can’t : this blanket took me over 150 hours to make + 200$ materials. You can easily do the math here : I can’t sell it to a decent price ! Sorry !

  18. Hello Ahooka! I’m making this beautiful blanket for my boyfriend and I was wondering how you made the Jawa’s eyes rounder based on the original design. Did you make the original square 4 stitches long with 3 on the top and bottom?

  19. Hi
    Absolutely love love love this blanket! You are so very clever :-) thank you so much for sharing it with us and for free which is amazingly kind of you :-) my husband is a star wars fan and although I’m fairly new to crochet I would love to attempt to make it for him.. just a quick question for the yarn though.. I was thinking of just using dk yarn with either a 3 or 4mm hook.. would you mind please letting me know if you think this would work? :-) I would usually use a 4mm hook with dk yarn but not sure if a 3mm one would be better and show more detail? Thank you so much! :-)

    • Hi Helen ! :)
      Thank you ! I’m glad you stumbled upon this page then ^^
      I don’t think the crochet size will affect the details and some squares are already very tight due to the amount of color changes in them, so I think I would stick with a 4mm hook, especially if you crochet tightly. You don’t want your blanket to turn out too stiff.
      It will end a little bit bigger then mine, which isn’t a problem at all !
      Feel free to step back here if you still have questions !

      Merry Christmas !

  20. I used a different brand yarn, Red Heart, and I’m having trouble with square size variation. I made sure to use the same weight yarn but it seems as if the darker colors are thicker in diameter than the lighter colors. any of the squares with black as the background are about an inch larger than the other squares. Is this too much variation or will I be able to stretch the little ones out when I block?

    • I think you might be able to stretch them, but just to be sure, I would try with one square before going on !
      Make sure to wet the square a lot, it will make it easier to stretch it.

      • Smart. I guess I’ll block one tomorrow and see how that goes. Fingers crossed. Should it not work, what could be a possible solution? I’ve never done a project like this and I feel like I can’t just add stitches to some squares and not the others.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I made it for my boyfriend for his birthday last month (just in time for the new movie) and he absolutely loves it.

  22. Thank you so much for this! I am not a huge Star Wars fans but I have seen all the movies and can totally appreciate the fan universe for them. I fell in love the minute I saw this! I knew I had to make it so I started on Monday (it’s now Friday) and I already have 8.5 squares done and I’m getting so many compliments on them! It’s coming out much better than I anticipated and I intend to gift it to someone once it’s completed (can’t decide yet who to give it to). Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    • Nice ! Thank you Jessica, I’m really glad you liked it even if you’re not a huge fan ! And what a nice gift this is ! I hope the person who will receive it will realize how much work and patience went to it !

  23. Thank you for sharing your graphs for free. Both me and my husband are huge Star Wars fans and I cant wait to get started on this for a Christmas present for him. Just a question do you think these graphs would look good in a corner to corner style graph pattern or do you think I should just stick to the single crochet style?

    • Hi Michelle ! Thank you :) It would totally look great with c2C, however the squares will turn out much bigger so you’ll probably have to choose some squares and drop some others !

  24. is there a chart in a white star wars logo to fallow ? the black back ground one is hard for me to see the blocks? Thanks I so love this blanket my son has ask for a request for it . hes a huge fan grew up a star wars fan. now hes got hes son interested also. :)

    • No i’m sorry there isn’t but I’ll make one eventually ! I understand it might be difficult to read in black.
      Glad you liked the blanket ! I guess you’re son will be so happy to receive it !

  25. I can’t find a Darth Vader square. He is very important to the blanket. I love all your patterns. I am making it for my husband.

  26. I am in love, love, love. Like you, I get bored easily and so a huge afghan is never something I can accomplish! I cannot wait to get started making this for my son who will probably hang it in his classroom for his students to also enjoy!

    I am wondering, you mentioned you were going to identify each color used on each square – did you get to do that? I am trying to identify them all but am having difficulty.

    Also, chewie? Han?

    • Hi maria, I’m glad you like my blanket ! :)
      I’m sorry I’ve kept on delaying that task, so it’s still not done ! I definitely have to put that back on top of my to-do list !
      As for Chewie, I’ve just add a square made by one of the crocheter who made the afghan, which I think is perfect.
      I’ll be making other squares, but then again, I can’t give you a, exact date !

    • My pleasure Vivien :) I wish I had a grandmother who would crochet a Star Wars blanket for me :p You might deserve the “coolest grandma ever” title :)

  27. This is awesome. Gonna ve my next project for my babyboy… biggest star wars fan i know. Im surebhe will freak the hell out… thank u

  28. Hello! I came across this pattern a couple weeks ago and I have been making it for my boyfriend, who is a huge Star Wars fan. I just noticed the extra Chewbacca square. I told him that if he wanted it in his blanket, he needed to choose another square to eliminate. Instead, he told me five other squares he wanted to include in the blanket: Leia, Obi-Wan, Han Solo, an AT-ST, and Admiral Ackbar. He and I worked for the past few hours to make grids for those squares and deciding where they would go in terms of the other squares and the storylines. Anyway, I would be happy to send you the grids we came up with if you would like to include them, or even look at them. This was my first time making grids so they may not be the best, but they could be altered if necessary and it would prevent anyone making the blanket from having to choose whether to include the new square. Thank you so much for this pattern!!

    • Hi Ashley !
      Of course ! I’d be great to see them and add them (if you didn’t use any existing design to make them of course, but I believe you didn’t from what I read !)
      I totally wanted to add Leia, Obi-Wan and Solo to the blanket too ! And an AT-St and Ackbar would be so great too !
      My email address is in the contact section in the upper right of the page. I’m looking forward to see what you came up with ! (Don’t forget to include a link to your ravelry or blog if you have one so that I can mention it in the article !)

    • Hi Ashley!
      I would love to see your extra squares as well!
      I’m working on Ahooka’s Star Wars Blanket right now, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE btw!! :) I would like to add a few extra squares and I’m very interested to the ones you’ve created!

  29. @Jaime : She sent them to me, I’ll redraw them on photoshop as soon as I can then will post them here. I’m currently working on a new pattern so it might take a week before I post them, but I’ll definitely do !

  30. @Jaime Thank you ! I’m better, I just have a torticollis now ^^ I have to catch up with my work but as soon as I did, I’ll post those squares !

      • Hi Amber,
        I’d love to see your additional patterns! Are they publicly available somewhere? Or would you provide them via email?

    • Hi Amber, you can either share a link if you have them somewhere on the internet or send them to me by email I’ll be happy to add them here too.
      Plus, I’m currently working on BB8/Kylo/Rey and Finn to be released as a cushion pattern in my Etsy shop next week.
      I’m sorry if I don’t release them right away tough, I’m sick as hell right now, and I have a hard time catching up with my work !

    • Hi Alexis,

      The back looks just like the front, that’s the big thing with this method ! It’s called intarsia and I linked videos of that technique at the beginning of the article

  31. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing pattern!! I showed this blanket to my boyfriend (who’s a Star Wars fan) back around Christmas and he wanted one so bad, so I crocheted him one in secret and I’m going to surprise him with it tomorrow for Valentine’s Day! I also added fleece to the back to make it extra soft :) thank you so much for the awesome pattern! All of your crocheted work is beautiful :)

  32. That is the most impressive afghan I’ve ever seen. I know many Star Wars fans (including myself) who would want me to crochet that!

    • Thank you patty !
      Yes, each graph is a 30*30 pixel square where 1 pixel represents 1 single crochet.
      So you chain 31, then your first row will be the 1st row of the graph from the bottom from right to left, the second one will be the second row from left to right etc.

  33. I love this pattern! Thank you so so much for sharing it with us all!
    I had a small question in regards to the sizing.
    I just finished my blanket and it’s about 20 to 30cm smaller than yours. Do you have any tips as to how to avoid this? Or what I can do differently next time? {I even used a bigger hook and it is still much too small.}
    It’s now more baby blanket size than bed size.
    Thank you so much, Again, for sharing!

    • Thank you Aria ! I’d love to see your blanket ! :)
      I guess you probably crochet really tight, even though you said you used a bigger hook ! You can stretch your squares a little bit more when you block them but if you already did, you should probably use a thicker yarn next time then (or add plenty other squares to your blanket :D)

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this blanket. I am in the process of making this for my son-in-love. He and my daughter both are Star Wars fans. They even have a Yoda Christmas tree topper!

  35. Thank you for sharing this awesome blanket with us. My husband will be leaving on deployment soon and I need something big to use up my free time while hes gone. Hes going to love it when he gets home :)

    • Ow Jessica that’s such a good idea ! You get to take your mind off things while he’s gone, and he gets a wonderful present when he’s back !

  36. Wow, thank you for this pattern – amazing work! I’m off to the yarn shop tomorrow to hopefully find all the colors in approximately the correct weight :) Looking forward to making this for my son!

  37. I’m new to your site and new to crocheting (as of this weekend and already obsessed – made a Ravenclaw house scarf and a little amigurumi golden snitch), and may I just say your stuff is amazing! This blanket is incredible, and I am definitely going to make it for myself as soon as I can scrape up the cash for the yarn. Thanks for being awesome! :)

    • Thank you so much Hannah !! ♥ Welcome here and welcome in the wonderful world of crocheters too, only joy comes out of it :p

  38. I just wanted to thank you so much for your generosity with these free patterns. 7 of my friends and I teamed up and were able to make a blanket that we donated to a worthy cause. We couldn’t have done it without you and your generous heart.
    Thanks again,

    • That’s awesome ! I’m so glad to hear that :) If you have a picture feel free to send it to me, I’ll share it on Facebook ! :)

  39. Thanks so much for the graphs! I used some of these and some from the sights you linked to. I am just starting the borders/assembly portion – too bad all the fun is done!
    Since I am not the type of person who follows graphs easily, I wrote out patterns for many of these. If you would like them to add to your site let me know – I would be happy to share them with others.

    • Yes of course ! That would be awesome ! I love how this is becoming a community project ! :) You can mail it to me (I’m sorry if I’m not very quick in adding them, I’m a bit busy at the moment)

  40. Hi thanks for use of the graphs,I have made a blanket for my son only I have knitted mine so squares are much bigger. I have given them all a crotchet border as it is easier to assemble then.I am going to try crotchet a few squares as well

  41. Thanks so much for the graphs. I started off using the single stitch, but I switched over to using tunisian. It makes the characters look so much better. This is a great project, for a nerdy guy like me to get better at crocheting. Why should all you women have all the fun :)

    Do you know if there are any designs to make a pokemon blanket with the same method? I wanted to make another blanket for my daughter, who doesn’t like star wars as much.

  42. Hi I am making this as a surprise for my husband, I am using the Tunisian stitch! I love how she says the blanket tells the story by the placement of squares, would anyone be able to tell me if I added 6 more squares where they would be placed to make sense?!? I would like to add Chewbacca, Leia, han solo, obi wan, Akbar, and the wampa. I know nothing about star wars so but I would appreciate some help! Thanks in advance!

  43. Hi there! I just wanted to say thank you so much for these patterns! I’ve just finished my Star Wars blanket and I’m so pleased with how it’s turned out and I got all the patterns from on here. Thank you so much, you’re amazing!

  44. Brilliant blanket! I was wondering how you went about being able to sell yours on Etsy? I am looking to start a shop will my own crocheted artwork from things like Harry Potter and Star Wars, etc and was wondering how you got around copyright to be able to sell your blanket?
    Thanks and again what a beautiful creation!

    • Hi Lauren, I didn’t sell my blanket on Etsy, I made it for myself :)
      I know there is one for sale there that has been made with this pattern, but it’s not mine :)

      • My apologizes!!!
        Do you mind me asking how you obtainied copyright to sell the other things on your store?
        The who copyright thing is very confusing to me!

        • The truth is no one should be selling any finished product without a license. Some people choose to take the chance considering it’s handmade but they could be asked to remove it by Etsy.
          Personally I don’t sell finished object for that matter and only sell patterns. What I really sell is my ability to write instructions, the layout of the patterns, the explanatory pictures I made, but not the original design.
          That’s also why I always authorize people to sell products made with my patterns when I created the character (like Barry the dancing bear or Namdolls) but not when I didn’t

  45. Thank you so much!!! You are amazing. I recently saw a square for Aayla Secura, but no website. Do you by any chance have a pattern for her? Thank you again!

      • Ok, I tried my hand at creating one, but it is not great. I can’t post a picture of it here, so I sent you the website for my Pinterest page where I posted it. Please feel free to use it, share it, remake it, or just ignore it. Lol. Thank you again for this amazing blanket.

  46. I am Loving how this is starting to turn out!! As this is my very first intarsia attempt, I have a quick question. I looked around the Web a bit but couldn’t find it … what’s the best way to secure a one block color (like many of the eyes in this blanket)? Mine keep ending up super lose and I’m afraid they’ll come out!
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Nancy !
      I don’t know about the “best” method, but here is mine (and it’s true, it’s a bit tricky) : to be sure they won’t come out, what I do is I make a simple knot at the back before waving in the ends.
      I hope that helps !

  47. Hi Ahooka,
    Love this graphghan!
    I have received my most anticipated order of yarn from the UK (Phildar Cabotine is not available in Australia). I have just completed ‘deathstar’ and very pleased with the result for my first attempt at graphghaning.
    I have made a lot of Fair-Isle garments so understand how to work from a graph.
    Just a quick question – If you were working on Naboo ship – rows 1 to 3 – would you have 3 bobbins of black between the single grey stitches or would you carry the black (considering it is only 1 stitch)?

  48. I was wondering if you can make a pattern for Jar Jar Binks he is my favorite i have been making the star wars blanket for my hubby he loves star wars hopping to have it made by Christmas i am useing all the patterns you have it will be a big blanket i am half way done so glad you have these patterns i am having fun making them and I work on it every day

    • I’m really sorry Stephanie but as much as I’m a deep fan of Star Wars an almost love everything about it, I really can’t stand Jar Jar Binks and I couldn’t get myself to design something Jar Jar Binks related ! Sorryyyy !
      Have fun crocheting your blanket though ! Good luck !

      • this is so disapointing if i was making a blanket like you have I would still put in characters weather I like them or not where some people might like or not oh well I will have to find a way to make my own or ask someone else to help thanks again

        • Hello, i’m making this amazing blanquet to my boyfriend, and I Made 2 new desings (the mandalorian helmet and the mandalorian logo).

          How can i send them to you?

  49. Thank you very much for this beautiful I just finished it, and I wanted to show the blanket but now I see that I can only leave a command. I enjoyed making it and my Son (26 :-) is very happy with it.

  50. OHHHHH I collect r2d2, my brother reads the Star Wars books and then passes them on to me. You have no idea how happy this has made me!!!!

    Thank you soo ooooo much.


  51. Hello, love the blanket, I just started one for my son, hopefully done by Xmas. I had a question: I use single crochet and followed the patterns, but the design ends up looking more wide than square – like everything is squished from the top. Any thoughts on how to avoid that? Basically my alliance symbol looks elongated, and my Jengo Fett looks, um, a bit more wide/plump that what the pattern looks like. Am I crocheting too tightly? Thanks!

  52. hi! i’ve finally finished all my squares! (only took like 2 months!) but now for the borer around each square. When doing this I have a couple questions.
    1. Do you count the 3 in each corner as part of the 30 for each side (ie stitches 1 and 3 of the corner are part of their respective sides)?
    2. How do you know what part of the stitch to go in when doing the border on the sides of the squares?

    Thank you so much!!

  53. would you recommend single crochetting the squares together as a shared border or doing individual borders for each square then slip them together? Thanks!

    • Hi Seanna, I personally made a border for each square than joined them together, but I guess joining them on the go would work as well :)

  54. I read in the comments you were going to add the “Star Wars” logo block but all I see is a picture of a finished block but not the graph… I looked for a link but did not find one. Could you please provide the graph and notify me via email when it is available on your website? I love and can appreciate all the work you’ve put into this.. thank you for doing this. I have numerous SW geeks in my family and they will love it.

    thank you again, so much… Beverly…

  55. I wanted to say thank you so much for posting these patterns. I actually commented in when I started this in August of last year. I finally finished it!!! I made it for my sister and she loves it! I added batting and Star Wars fabric to the back of mine. Thank you again!!!

  56. I want to say thank you for letting us use the square patterns. I finally finished mine I made it for my husband. We made a border edge and my husband designed it, it is light sabers to go around the blanket. If you’re interested in the pattern for the light saber edging let me know I would be happy to give it to you to share with everybody

  57. My son is almost 50 years old and has collected Star Wars FOREVER…since childhood…

    I am a retired teacher but never learned to crochet and now have arthritis .

    Is it possible that you are selling these blankets? I am sorry and feel bad to even ask this . I know it would be such a special gift for him to receive this blanket…

    Do you ever ever make this Star Wars blanket to sell?

    Thank you for your time and consideration….Shirley Durham The blanket is beautiful !!

    • Hi Shirley, I’m really sorry for the delay in the answer. I’m sorry but the blanket isn’t for sale for a very simple reason : it would be really really expensive. There is almost 300$ in yarn, plus 150 hours of work in it.
      Thank you for your super nice comment though :)

  58. Thank you so much for your graphs and links to others. My grandson loves his new blanket I made for his 9th birthday.
    He organized all the squares, now I just have to sew them together.
    I made 52 squares so blanket is 45×75″.
    Please send me your email so I can send you the picture.
    Thanks again

  59. Hi, I have crocheted the borders around the squares and have 124 stitches on each but I am struggling to sew the squares together without a little gap appearing at the point where all the squares meet. Do you have any tips?

    When I have attached squares before they have always had an even number of stitches to each side but these having 31 to each side is making it more tricky to hid any hole where the corners of the squares meet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • To explain it better I am having problems with the middle corner stitch when it comes to joining my pieces together. Do I sew this stich to one side and not the other or do I try and attach it to both sides or do I do something completely different?

      • Hi Jay, I’m really sorry for the delay in the answer. Personally, I first attached one square to another just one one side, to make long lines, then joined these lines together, when I came to the corner stitch, I did add a chain1 to “go over” the already attached stiches. I don’t know of it makes sense?

  60. For anyone who has created this within the US, can you post what yarns and names of the colors you used? I’m having a really hard time finding all of the colors in the same yarn manufacture without having to pay $8.00 per 50gr.


    • Hi! The yarn I used was the Red Heart Super Saver 4 ply worsted weight yarn with a size H, or 5.00 mm hook. It comes in 198 g skeins and has plenty of color options. The price varies depending on where you buy it, but some of the colors are only available on the Red Heart website, where the skeins are about $5.00. I bought all of mine off of Red Heart, because there is a discount for larger orders. Here are the colors and amounts I used for the blanket in the Super Saver yarn:
      C1: Coffee; 1 skein
      C2: Cornmeal; 1 skein
      C3: Café Latte; 1 skein
      C4: Paddy Green; 1 skein
      C5: Light Grey; 1 skein
      C6: Charcoal; 1 skein
      C7: White; 1 skein
      C8: Black; 4 skeins
      C9: Buff; 2 skeins
      C10: Bright Yellow; 1 skein
      C11: Delft Blue; 1 skein
      C12: Blue; 1 skein
      C13: Cherry Red; 1 skein
      C14: Claret; 1 skein
      C15: Flame; 1 skein

      I hope this helps!

      • Rachel, I have a question for you. I just finished my first panel (the 66) I am also using red heart supersave with a size 5 hook. My question is? I find that is really rough, thick and heavy. does it soften? and how heavy was you blanet?


        • I have noticed that the red and black skeins are rougher than the other colors. If you want to soften the yarn, I would suggest washing the squares, because yarns sometimes contain chemicals that make them stiff. The label says to wash with warm water on a gentle cycle. You could wash each square individually, but be careful to make sure that they are still the same size after washing. You could also wait until the blanket is finished and wash it as a whole. I have not finished my blanket yet, so I do not know for sure how much it will weigh. I have used the supersaver yarn in other projects and it usually kind of heavy, so it will probably be slightly heavier than an average blanket.

  61. I just finished the Luke Skywalker square. How would you recommend hiding the bright, blue ends from his eyes, since there is only one stitch available to hide them?
    By the way, I absolutely love these charts and am looking forward to my finished blanket! :D

    • Hi Rachel, thank you very much.
      I agree the eyes are a bit tricky, I did a simple knot at the back than weaved in the ends as I would normally do, but going back under this stitch only, 2 or 3 times (it’s a bit bulkier at the back but doesn’t show on the front)

  62. My husband saw this blanket and I have been told I need to make it for him, I am very excited to try this!! You should have seen him going through and choosing the squares he wanted to use, just like a child.
    I do however have a hard time reading the chart for the Star Wars logo, I tried enlarging it and it just becomes bury, any chance you have one a bit more legible?

    Thank you

    • Hi Stacie, I’m super glad your husband enjoys the blanket that much, and you making it for him is super cool :)
      As for the logo, I think it’s just a matter of letting it load, just left click one time on it, it should enlarge, then you can copy the picture on your computer.
      Let me know if you still have problems with it :)

      • I too had a problem, so I just took it to an office store with a copy machine and enlarged it onto two pages and that worked for me!

  63. Would you happen to have a graph of the Star Wars piece? I tried to draw it out but am having difficulty with the words.

  64. I too am starting this afghan, hopefully as a surprize for my husband. I am adding the extra panels and using red heart worsened weight (4) with a size 5mm hook. My question is:
    can you make the Star Wars logo into a white background? I am not able to tell how many stitches are in each. word/background and I would really like to be able to make this for him

    Thank you for this amazing FREE pattern. This is going to be my first graphaghan and using the same SC stitch

    • My pleasure Michelle :) As for the logo, I’m really really sorry but I don’t have the time right now. I’ll try and work on it, but I can’t promise anything

  65. Thank you so much for the graphs. I “dumbed” them down somewhat so there are fewer color changes, but they are still so cute! I also made written instructions for what I did. Six more to go. If you think anyone would be interested, I am willing to send them to you to share.

  66. Hi, I have made one afghan so far and am making two more. Everyone who sees them LOVES them! I tell them to check out your page. I did get the 4 additional squares. I even made three of my own! And I am not a Star Wars fan, but I have two great nephews who are! How do I post a picture of my first afghan?

    • Oh my ! TWO more?? I can’t believe it ! Your nephews are so lucky :) You can post a picture of your afghan on facebook ! I’d love to see it

  67. Ive just finished this blanket for my hubby and he absolutely loves it! It took me 4 months of pretty non stop crocheting in between being a mum to a 5 month old lol. I added another row to the bottom so it is a bit bigger. I was worried about all the threads on the other side so I got some Star Wars fabric and sewed it on as backing it turned out great and allows for some extra warmth too. Would love to send you a pic. Thanks so much for the graphs!!! I had so much fun doing this :-)

  68. this is seriously amazing! I give you so much credit. I just went and bought all the yarn today I am going to try to make it for my boyfriend for Christmas haha! thank you again!!!

    • My pleasure Catherine ! Thank you very much :) Feel free to send me a picture when you’re done :) I’m always glad to see the finished blankets !

  69. My son is so excited for this blanket! Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work! Absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to get started making this! :)

  70. I’m so going to try this for my Star Wars mad daughter! I will try to get it done for her birthday in October!!! Lol this will be my first graphaghan!
    Many thanks for sharing such a great pattern.

  71. By any chance do you have just the ‘written’ instructions for the blocks? I would like to make a blanket with JUST “Star Wars” in the center. If I’m successful with the first one, I’ll be crocheting my little hands off because I have 10 grandchildren…and they are ALL Star Wars fans! I can count each individual square but it’s taking me forever. THANKS for providing this project!!!

    • Hi Nana, I didn’t make any written instructions, but actually someone sent them to me and I completely forgot to share them, what a shame ! I’m not home this week, but I’ll try to upload the instructions as soon as I’m back !
      Good luck with all that crocheting ! :D I think I would only make cushions :p

  72. How did you finish the back. I made one but the back has yarn I couldn’t hide. I tried to back it with blanket fleece, but it isnt smooth.
    Ant suggestions would be appreciated

    • Hi Donna and sorry for the late reply,
      I’m sorry but I didn’t hide the back, that was the purpose of doing it with the intarsia technique. I just weaved in a lot of ends ^^

  73. Thank you for providing just the square pattern. My mom wants a blanket so I figured, maybe overtime I can make my dad one, and what better than Star Wars! I may even just use the Jango Fett and enlarge it.
    Thank You again! I’ve bookmarked your page.

  74. Hi. I was just wondering how you attached the squares to the star wars block in the middle. Every square is 30*30 but the block is 126. What do I do with the extra 6?

  75. You could actually do each block as an individual afghan by doing each grid as a solid colored granny square.

    • Hi Linda ! Totally ! Or choose some blocks and make them with the C2C technique! These grids can really be used as you’d like !

  76. This is amazing I have just had a delivery for all the wool to make this for my brother and I’m just about to get started but I have a question and I’m sorry if its a really daft one but I’m quite new to crochet. How small did you roll the separate balls only I’m a bit concerned ill run out of colours if I roll them to small and have to keep leaving enough to sew in ends
    thankyou for sharing this amazing project I’m really looking forward to making it x

    • Hi Rox !
      Don’t worry, there is no such things as a daft question ^^
      And I’m sorry if my answer is quite daft too but the thing is you cannot know for sure how big your separate balls need to be, so I’d recommend making them too big because you’ll always need the rest somewhere else, and you’ll soon be able to estimate it better.
      Happy crocheting and good luck !

      • I’m almost finished I have half of the STAR WARS rectangle bit to do then the extra ones at the bottom of the page, (I shouldn’t have shown those ones to my brother) then just to sew it all and together and back it this really has been one of my most fun projects thankyou again for sharing it xx

  77. Hi, are all the drawings made in single crochet? then its easier for me to begin… or is it puffstitch?

    Thank you x

  78. Ok grandson picked this pattern. I want to make it for him. But can’t find graph for the Star Wars theme please help

    • Hi Barbara, the Star Wars graph is in the article it’s the number 35 :) You can click on it to enlarge it (it may take a couple seconds) Happy crocheting !

    • Hi Kathryn, the graph for “star wars” is in the article (n°35), you just have to click on it to enlarge it ! Have a good day ! :)

  79. Do you have any tutorials on how you tied together the squares? Did you crochet or sew them together?

    • Hi Ari, I’m sorry I don’t have a tutorial but yes I crocheted them together, you can read more about that in the “assembling” section of the post. Have a nice day !

  80. I just gave my husband my version of your Star Wars blanket for Christmas. I wish I knew how to share a picture on here, but thank you so much for the graphs!!

  81. Thanks for this beautiful pattern . I did this blanket for my 19yr old grandson for Christmas . It was such an AWESOME project to do . He was so surprised , He just Loved it . I just wish I could send a photo Thanks again Judy Sparkes

  82. I linked my facebook photo album so people can see the work in progress. Thanks for the charts. I just put my own little twist to it.

  83. Would you please tell me how big your finished project ended up being? I’ve read most of the comments but there are just so many and I’m not sure if you answered this question already. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work with everyone. So many people will benefit from your graciousness.

  84. I absolutely LOVE this! I used Stitch Fiddle to turn the Darth Vader square into a C2C graph for a full sized blanket and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Thank you so much for these graphs!

    I posted a picture of my blanket and what I hope is a good explanation for how I turned it into a full sized C2C blanket on my blog. I tried to compile all the resources I used in the process. It was basically just figuring out how big I wanted my blanket to be based on charts I found online and then setting up those dimensions in Stitch Fiddle. It was pretty simple.

    This is the first time I’ve tried C2C and the first time I’ve ever used Stitch Fiddle and I think I love them both. Thank you again for the graphs!

    • Hi Michelle, I didn’t know about stitch fiddle, and omg, it’s great !! I love that, thank you so much for letting me know about it. Plus, I checked your blankets, it’s sooo cool ! Great job !

  85. I want to make this blanket. It is really great. I have been trying to make my first square and have a question. Does the back of the blanket looked finished? There are so many yarn ends that I am concerned the back will look messy. I watched the YouTube on how to crochet using a graph and the back side did not looked finished to me. Any suggestions? Thank you so much for sharing your designs and how to make the blanket. I hope to get past my problem.

    Thank you!

    Shirley Piwonski

    • Hi Shirley, yes, if you use the intarsia technique, the back will be looking almost like the front. However, be aware that you’ll indeed have plenty of ends to weave in ! Good luck :)

  86. I am having a problem getting the written instructions. I don’t know how to follow a chart. Also, is this a worsted yarn 4 and what size hook (h, I, J). Thanks, I really want to make this blanket for a grandson.

    • Hi Carol, I’m sorry but there is no written instructions for these, in the chart, each small square equals to a single crochet ! I hope that helps. As for the yarn used it’s DK yarn with a D hook !
      Have a nice day :)

  87. Hi, I just finished this star wars blanket for my hubby and he absolutely loves it! thank you so much for sharing the pattern!!! :-)

  88. Hi! I stumbled across your amazing blanket, and now I’ve started the first square! I am a huge Star Wars nerd, as are my kids, so this will be so much fun!!

    I am wondering if you’ve come across any patterns from the latest movies, I would love to add them also t get the whole saga in there! Like Poe, Finn, Kylo Ren, Rey etc :-)

    All the best! So happy I found this page!!!!
    //Lena from Stockholm, Sweden

  89. I know you probably get this question a lot but do you have a written pattern? I do not know how to read a graph yet ( I am a newb).

    • Hi Sheana, no I’m sorry I don’t but I can try to explain a chart real quick ^^
      First make a 30ch (the number of pixels in the graph) + a turning chain, then, each pixel will be one single crochet, and you’ll juste have to change colors (a lot ^^) according to the color on the graphs. As you turn your work at the end of each row, you will have to read the chart from right to left then from left to right, changing at each row ! I hope I could make that clear ^^

  90. Thank you sho much for your designs. I incorporated some of them in my first C2C for my son. He loves it!

  91. Hi there,
    I love this pattern and am making for my best friends 21st birthday.

    Unfortunately, the pattern for the X-wing is missing.
    Would it be possible for you to create a new chart for it based off the finished pattern?

    Thanks so much,

  92. I did one! Am so happy for the way it turned out. Thank you so much for all the effort you put out into afghan and for sharing the graphs. I did some of the squares from your graphs, some from Courtney Laube and some from Angelfire and some from Aarclys. It turned out great and the one who got it was so surprised with it. Thanks again and may God bless.

  93. Hi! I am absolutely OBSESSED with this blanket!!!! How do you download the porg, poe’ helmet etc.? I saw that it was an excel file, but whenever I try to download it, the download just consists of words and letters (like coding possibly)? Thank you so much for giving these out for free! They are amazingggg

  94. Thank you so much for your block patterns. It took me a couple of years, but I finished a blanket for my son. I created a few squares that he wanted from the new trilogy (Phasma, Kylo Ren’s ship, the Porg and also Captain Rex from the Clone wars). Your blanket was an inspiration!

  95. What did you do with the colour tails? I don’t want to sew them in the wrong spots because I don’t want them showing through a different colour, but I don’t want to have one good side and one bad side. What to do?

  96. You are all so kind that I would like to contribute with 3 patterns a client asked me for. Hope you will like them: Chew Bacca cartoon, Baby Yoda and a young Obi Wan. Please mail me so I can send them to you.
    Greets from Mexico.

  97. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing these, they’ve been so much fun to make and I’ve had a lot of compliments from friends on the final product! Really, really easy to follow graphs and such an amazing result! THANK YOU :)

  98. Years after you posted I found this amazing Afghan. I regraphed it in a different program that worked better for me but I cannot thank you enough. Seriously. I don’t know if 6 years after you made this post you expected people to find it and make but I did and I cannot wait to give it to my brother for Christmas. My grandson has already requested one as well. I don’t know if I can post a picture here or not but I’d love to show you the end result with the small changes I made.

  99. I have been making my way through this blanket for literally YEARS now. It’s a pick-it-up and put-it-down type of project for me. My son’s 30th bday is coming up so we are in the home stretch. You have been SO GENEROUS with your patterns and so I thought would share something with you. I came upon this site where your patterns are used to make (and sell) a quilt. I noticed new patterns (which I now see you have added to this post since I first visited and downloaded, etc.) and asked them to share and in their response to me they CLAIMED THEM AS THEIR OWN! Please, make them acknowledge you on their website. And again, THANK YOU!

  100. I used some of your patterns combined with Harry Potter squares as a wedding gift to a close friend. Would love to show you but I don’t know how to attach a picture. Thank you for the inspiration!

  101. Thank you! This is amazing! Will these patterns still look good if you do tapestry instead of intarsia?

  102. I made this blanket for my 40 year old son who is a die hard Star Wars fan. He LOVED it! In fact he said, “Mom, I’ll cherish this forever.” Now, I’m venturing out on my own and developing squares for a Despicable Me blanket.

  103. Hello, I’m making this amazing blanquet to my boyfriend, and I made 2 new desings (the mandalorian helmet and the mandalorian logo) How can I send them to you?

    • Hi Mildred, this is super random but I started doing these patterns and would love if you could share the Mando ones, let me know and I can give you an email!

  104. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to crocheting. I saw this blanket when I was looking for tutorials to learn. If have a friend who loves Star Wars. Her favorite character is Ahsoka and I would love to create a blanket for her in the future. I am also someone who likes to just dive in and try something out. Is there a video tutorial to learn how to crochet this blanket? If not can you point in the right direction to start learning how to crochet the squares with different colors.

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