The story of Shroombear, the guardian of the enchanted forest [new pattern]

Do you remember? When I told you about my encounter with Fun’Guy, the little mushroom with magical powers?

After begging me to help him rebuild a family for the good of the entire forest, he told me the story of his best friend, Shroombear.

“Once upon a time, in the heart of the enchanted forest, there lived a jolly bear named Barnaby. Barnaby was not like any other bear; he had a deep love for exploration and a curious spirit that often led him to the most remote and strange corners of the forest. One sunny day, as Barnaby rambled through the moss-covered trees, he discovered a small secret clearing… In the center of the clearing, surrounded by a carpet of emerald-green grass, stood a tiny mysterious mushroom. Its cap shimmered like a ruby, and its stem emitted a supernatural white glow. Unable to resist his curiosity, Barnaby approached. A sweet fragrance then floated in the air, tempting his senses. He could have sworn he heard a voice whispering ‘eat me, eat me!’. Without further thought, the bear eagerly bit into the enchanted little mushroom and devoured it. Then a gentle warmth spread through his body. Next, a tingling sensation, and to his great astonishment, he began to transform. His head took on the same texture, soft and velvety as the mushroom he had just swallowed, and the same ruby color. His fur took on a white hue, and his well-fed belly was now adorned with a little red mushroom with white dots. Barnaby was now half bear, half mushroom. And from the depths of his being, he knew he was now called Shroombear, and his role had changed forever.

At first, bewildered by his new form, he quickly discovered the magical powers bestowed upon him with his transformation. He could now communicate with the creatures of the forest in a language of rustling leaves and chirping birds. The plants whispered their secrets to him, and the streams shared their ancient tales.

The news of Barnaby’s transformation spread throughout the enchanted forest. Creatures from all walks of life sought his advice, and the once-hidden clearing became a gathering place for all who sought the wisdom of the bear with a mushroom heart. Shroombear used his magical powers to bring harmony to the forest, mediating conflicts between mischievous fairies and wise old owls. He helped the flowers don the most vibrant colors of the rainbow and guided lost travelers safely through the woods.

As the seasons and years passed, the legend of Shroombear grew. His story was told around campfires and sung by crickets in the night. To this day, the half-bear, half-mushroom guardian of the enchanted forest continues to watch over the woodland realm, ensuring that magic and harmony prosper for generations to come…” Fun’Guy assured me that his friend still lived within the forest, his only fear being that humans continued to shrink the borders of his kingdom day by day. He then took me to meet him with his new family…

I hope you liked his story:) If you’d like a Shroombear to protect your home and your loved ones too, the pattern is now available on Etsy !

The pattern includes:

  • More than 50 explanatory photos
  • Links to videos for special techniques
  • Checkboxes to track your progress at any time
  • [NEW] A coloring sketch page to choose your colors!
  • [NEW] An A4 coloring page to give to any little ones to keep them busy while you crochet :p

Anway, if you have any questions, feel free to email me or to write a comment below !

See you soon,

Ophélie (*AhookA*)

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  1. Muy hermoso el osito y demasiado linda la historia,simplemente me encantó,un abrazo desde Costa Rica 🇨🇷

  2. Your beautiful story brings back nostalgic memories for me. In my youth we enjoyed such stories about the most beautiful things in our lives. Thank you very much for sharing this with us and for designing such a lovable bear.

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