When my computer decides to go on strike…

no computer week by ahooka

Last Tuesday, my beloved computer decided it was a good time to go on strike. 

Blackout, nothing, nada….

We had to bring him (yes, still talking about the computer :p) to the computer hospital, (and let him there !!! My heart broke a little bit !)


I only got news 4 days later : he had broke his power supply and needed a transplant ! (Do I overdo it a little here? :p)

A few hours later, he came back to life, and so did I !

Because what I didn’t tell you so far, is what I’ve been through without him !

As a reminder, among every days of the week, he chose Tuesday… Tuesday, the day when I post my articles, send my newsletters, and specifically this Tuesday, when I posted a new pattern in my shop (the strawberry bag)… So that meant, I needed a computer !

Luckily, I still have my 8 years old Macbook… A bit tired, with a big line of dead pixels going through the 13” screen, but…working…

no computer week by ahooka

…Sloooooooowly : with more then 4 opened tabs, it failed to realize I had scroll the page down… 

*Keep calm*

And that’s not it :

– I couldn’t watch any series while crocheting, as of course, they were all inside my computer…

– I formated it, it was a bit faster, but… I lost all of my passwords and I had to recover them all.

– I had to complete a Word document, didn’t have Word install, tried to install Open Office who told me right into my face that my Macbook was TOO OLD… 

no computer week by ahooka

*Keep calm*

That being said, I hope you’ll understand why there is nothing crochet-related on the blog today, and I deeply apologize !

See you soon and take care of your beloved computers, believe me : you NEED them :p

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  1. I am so sorry this happened to you. I know the feeling because it has happened to me twice with Dell computers. Never again Dell! I learned then to purchase a Maxtor External Hard Drive. I can keep all my patterns and a copy of my computer on it because it has enough memory. We crafters need a lot of memory in our computers for our designs and programs. I never have to worry anymore. If my computer goes down I use the backup on Maxtor to reboot. I can even transfer to a new computer.

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