Win the latest Zoomigurumi !

It’s been 10 years since I first published an article on this blog !

Of course, with social medias I tend to publish less and less here, but still… 10 years ! So, I figured that to thank you for being here, I would give you the opportunity to win a copy of the latest Zoomigurumi (endangered animals) in which the pattern of my little peacock spider was published !🙂

To enter, super simple, just write a comment under this post (1 per person, only the first one will be taken into account), telling me wich was your favorite article, tutorial or pattern of these past 10 years ! :)

The winning comment will be randomly drawn on July, 14 and announce here as well as by email (be sure to enter a correct email address when you write your comment).

If you want another chance to win, I also have a copy to giveaway on Instagram !

And if you HATE giveaways because you NEVER win, as the book was officialy released on July 1st, which happens to be my birthday, here is a 37% off coupon code that you can use on any of my pattern in my Etsy shop until July 14 ! This way you win no matter what :p (37 is a completely random number… Of course :p)

3, 2, 1… GOOO :)

Edit : In order to draw, I added the number of comments in French (125) with the number of comments in English (104) and I used to draw a number between 1 and 229 ! I gave the French comments a number from 1 to 125 and the English comments a number from 126 to 229. The number drawn is the 31 !!

The 31 comment us Nelsy’s !! Congratulations !!

105 Responses to Win the latest Zoomigurumi !

  1. The Unicorn will always be my favorite. I made a few over the past few years for newborn babies on the intensive care units in my town.

  2. I never win anything, but that doesn’t stop me trying!
    Belated happy birthday wishes for the 1st, I hope you had a great day….
    My favourite has to be non crochet related I’m afraid.
    It was where you told us all about selling everything, buying the Kangoo and taking off.
    January 16, 2020, it was so inspiring, and something I would love to be able to do, but with a sick husband and elderly family members who rely on me, something I’m never going to get to do.
    I will live vicariously through beautiful people like you.
    Karen xxxx

  3. i have made so so so many of your unicorns in your free downloadable book over the last few years. probably close to 50. i give it as a gift at birthdays, catechisms, baby showers. all ahooka patterns are simple and easy to follow. highly recommended!!

  4. I made Tinycorn for my niece’s daughter a few years ago. When she took it into the daycare for show and tell one of the staff put it into her pocket in order to prevent World War III until my niece picked her up. Had so much fun making it.


  5. Happy Birthday, congratulations on the book 📚 I would say, being a massive nerd for anything extinct, that Albert the Longisuala is my favourite pattern. It’s so great to see (and make!) something so unusual.

  6. I am excited to see the new patterns in this book! I have made too many dragons and unicorns and want to branch out into other things!

  7. Thank you for the chance to win :) honestly I don’t have a favorite part I like everything! To me having a good range of things is what makes certain designers my favorite and you’re definitely up there as one of my favorite! Your patterns are easy to understand and follow and I just find it great :)

  8. Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns. I have enjoyed them for years. I have 6 grandsons and they will LOVE your little critter spider. I will certainly be making that.
    Keep up the great work. Happy belated birthday.

  9. Your free patterns were one of the first things that got me started on amigurumi!! Thanks for your continued generosity and the wonderful tiny unicorn pattern. :)

  10. Hey, this is very cool, thank you so much.
    I love your tinycorn, which is the pattern that got me to follow you. It is still the best unicorn (and the best horse) pattern i have found out there. Thank you very much for it and keep creating. You are awesome!

  11. My fav is “Finish Your Damn Wips” article!! I just read that late last year (2022) and actually made finishing all my wips my New Years resolution!! Thanks to you, I’m 1/2 way thru!! Been crocheting over 30 years… had at least 15 wips!

  12. My favorite pattern was “Miniyou is a Mom and Baby”, but loved “Axog” so much too

  13. TinyCorn has been one of my go-to patterns for years! I think I need to pull it out and make another one! He’s so cute… and so little, such a fun, quick make!

  14. While I love the unicorns, the foxes are my favorite.

    Happy Belated Birthday. It was my brother’s 55th that day. :)

  15. My favorite is Albert the longisquama. I love the bright colors and the uniqueness of the animal. I haven’t seen anything like it and I smile every time I see it :)

    Happy Birthday!

  16. I love unicorns, but must say though I have fallen for the spider.happy belated birthday. X

    • Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag wünsche ich dir nachträglich. 🎉
      Mein Favorit ist und bleibt das Einhorn 🦄

  17. Not being good at small things, I struggled with your Tinycorn, but since my granddaughter loves all things Unicorn, I keep trying. She never notices the flaws!

  18. Absolutely LOVE your patterns and already have 2 of your books 😊 I have made many little “friends” for little ones ( and a few big people😉) as gifts. They are all well Loves !! I would be soooo ecstatic if I was chosen to win your newest book !! Especially as it is so special being released on your Birthday 🎂 I hope it
    Made your day extra special !!

  19. The unicorn is definitely my favourite! I gave one to my friends autistic daughter because she loves rainbows, and she takes it to bed with her every night (she’s had it a few years now!) and she calls it Evie! That’s very special to me

  20. My absolute favourite is the little rainbow unicorn, I’ve made loads of them and everyone loves them. Thank you for such an amazing pattern

  21. I am so excited to see the new book!I have a thing about Red pandas so it will be my new favorite. I have Parkinson and had to quit many of my craft. 5 years ago. But I have been teaching myself to crochet again. I would really love to have your new book.

  22. Thank you very much, Happy birthday, I like very much your Spider of the book Zoomigurumi, congratulations

  23. Thank you, happy birthday! I really love the bags like the strawberry and pineapple

  24. Muchas felicidades por el décimo aniversario. Todos tus patrones son adorables pero me quedo con el unicornio (me encantan). A ver si tengo suerte y gano este sorteo, me encantaría!!!! De todos modos, mucha suerte a tod@s!!! Ah, además hacía tiempo que no entraba a tu blog porque he tenido problemas con el ordenador (se me medio murió) pero, por suerte, ya está solucionado… Pero ahora, al entrar, acabo de ver que tienes un ebook para descargar gratuito! Para allí que voy inmediatamente a descargarlo. Muchas gracias y felicidades.

  25. Tinycorn and Tiny Pegasus have been my favorites and everyone’s to whom I gifted.
    They’ve been my “got to” gifts all year(s) round.
    Happy Belated Birthday. Mine is the 17th. Lots of famous people have birthdays in July…

  26. Happy birthday! I love that little peacock spider! There is a photographer on Instagram who posts videos of their amazing mating dance. I’d love to make one.

  27. I rarely win anything, but keep on trying. My bday was July 6. Hoping to see if my luck is any better!

    I’ve crocheted many patterns from tour website and books. Bears, bunnies, monsters and unicorns …oh my. All fun stuff, literally!

  28. Bonjour,
    Bonne fête légèrement en retard, mais ne dit-on pas ‘mieux vaut tard que jamais’?

    I’m kind of new to amigurumi. I’ve made a few and your TinyCorn is on my ‘to-do’ list which is getting longer and longer. Up to a few months ago, I mostly did C2C blankets and guess what? The Star Wars blanket was one of the first I made, for my oldest grandson (il a maintenant 10 ans).

    Merci également pour les trucs et astuces. Très bien expliqués.

    • Congratulations 🎉🎊

      It’d definitely be the tiny rainbow unicorn for me. Was going through an amigurumi crochet rabbit hole and I stumbled upon your pattern 😍

  29. I came for the Tinycorn, and having a 7-year old who needs gifts for friends that still makes it a favorite.

  30. Happy Birthday! The tiny unicorn is adorable, thanks for the opportunity to win, I find it difficult to choose a favorite though! Lol

  31. I would love to win, so I would have the opportunity to create these beautiful animals.

  32. I Haven’t done it so far, but Albert the Longisquana is my first choice. But I have crocheted the cat in the moon several times, and they are so nice…

  33. I hope your birthday was as wonderful as your patterns. My Favorite would have to be tiny unicorn. All are adorable though, loving the look of the gorillas. Anyway I’m more excited at the possibility of winning this than I am of most things at the moment. Crossing my hooks 🤗

  34. The unicorn is adorable but I think my favorites are the super heros.🤞 thanks for making this possible.

  35. Happy birthday (again, haha)! I like your tips and tricks, go back to them every once in a while. I find the adding wire to amigurumis one especially helpful. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and patterns with us!

  36. Bonjour, bon anniversaire!
    Mon personnage préféré est Albert le “longisquama”
    je tente ma chance pour gagner le livre car je fais des amigurimi pour les marchés de NOEL de plusieurs association de sauvegarde et de protection d’animaux sauvages.

  37. I LOVE the Finish Your Damn WIPs Challenge! It really helped me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one to set aside a project and kind of forget about it, plus it motivated me to pick up an old project and work on it. I may not have finished it, but I did make progress.

  38. I love the Cat in the Moon coasters! I have 5 black cats and am Pagan so these are totally up my alley 🐱

  39. The unicorn is my favorite so far, but it may very well be replaced by a pattern in your new book! I am passionate about endangered animals and can’t wait to get a copy! I hope I win one!

  40. Rose the Unicorn Lovely was an absolutely amazing pattern to make. I made it for my cousin for her 1st birthday and she absolutely loved it and still has it.

  41. I love the Albert the Longisquama! I made him and he came out so cute. He is one of the reasons I bought the Dinosaurs, mammoths and more book.


  43. While I love seeing your newer designs, my all time favorite is “Tinycorn .” It is so cute.

  44. It is very hard to choose a favorite, as I love all your work, your tips are awesome and I believe that even a beginner could follow your patterns. I am also in love with the compassionate details that you add to bring your projects to life.

  45. Looks like an awesome book. I’m always looking for new patterns for my grandchildren.

  46. First up Happy Birthday. The spider is awesome. Love, love love it. Love just the idea of it. I do mini knitting and mini crochet, not for sale. Just for fun. You can see my work here
    I think I could probably get this little fellow down to life size. I certainly love to give it a go.

  47. Love all your patterns the unicorn and Mr weedlif are so different and heading to order Axog, the cyclops that’s been on my wishlist
    Thank U so Much

  48. I super love your little unicorn. I’ve made a few for my grandkids. You are so clever.

  49. I love your little unicorn! I have made some of it some years ago when I was just starting to make amigurumi. I remember I made one and when i posted the photo a lot of friends commented saying how much they loved it. Thank you for your crochet design work. I am inspired by you and other greater designers to make my own designs too. I am just starting my crochet design small business and I hope one day we can work together in a collab!
    Congratulations on your pattern on the amigurumi dot com book! This is other dream I have, of one day have one of my patterns in their book.

  50. The unicorn has always been my favourite, but I can’t wait to make that gorgeous peacock spider

  51. One of my favorite patterns is Don’t Care Bear! Love it, good thinking! He is the cutest!

  52. A late Happy Birthday to you, fellow 🦀!

    Bat namdoll will always be my personal favorite 😍, her funky hairstyle always makes me smile 😁

  53. I am a shut-in senior and love to crochet. The animals that I make I give to people in the building where I live so they can hang them on their door. They make the hallways a little more cheery.

  54. Happy Birthday!
    I absolutely love the little peacock spider. He is the most realistic pattern for one of these little creatures I have seen!🕷️

  55. I love all your animals but my first pattern is the star wars blanket. I had to buy even though I havent yet finished. I’ve made many unicorns and dragons.I’m dying to do the spider.I am in love with him.

  56. Recency bias, but I do love the spider – such an obscure-seeking choice but they’re such cool creatures and you pulled it off!

  57. Happy Birthday – live each day as if it is your birthday and you will always be smiling. Love your books – have a few and totally enjoy making them as they are so well written and easy to follow … hugs to you and best wishes, Karen

  58. Can’t wait to check out the new book. I love all the others I have and have made alot of animals for gifts 🎁.

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