Fun’guy, the little mushroom – Free pattern

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Last Sunday, while I was going for a walk in the forest, I heard a little voice that was saying

“Eat me, eat me, eat me !”, “Crochet me, crochet me, crochet me !”

While I leant to see where the sound was coming from, this tiny little mushroom jumped in front of me and immediately started his speech…

“My name is Fun’Guy, I’m a magic mushroom with magic powers ! It’s thanks to me that all the forest beings (and sometimes other beings too…) are happy all year long. If I pass, the forest will become gloomy, mournful and bored to death. My friends have disappeared, you HAVE to crochet me a new family, the world’s fate depends on it”.

Well… If the world’s fate depends on it, then…

I guess I have to write a pattern and share it on my blog so that MILLIONS of crocheters around the world would rally us to save it, right?

So, what do you say? Are you in? ;)

Fun’guy also added that his brothers, sisters and cousins all liked to wear all the colors of the rainbow, so… Feel free to get creative ! ^^

One last thing, I know that sometimes embroideries can be tricky (the mouth, the French knots), therefore, I’ll publish video tutorials to make them in a few days ! Have your Fun’guy ready ^^

See you soon,

Ophelie (*AhookA*)

PS : Don’t forget to share your makes on Instagram with the #ahookashroom

44 Responses to Fun’guy, the little mushroom – Free pattern

  1. I just came home from a camping trip in the forest and Ilive in a forest so I definitely will be making Fun’Guy and his relatives. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you so much for the pattern. I don’t embroider anything. I do use puffy paint/fabric paint for that part of my projects. It’s easier for me to draw with the paint than sew. My painting skills have improved since I first started posting the pictures on my FB page btw.

    • My pleasure Melissa ! That’s what I love about crochet ! You can get creative with a pattern, you don’t have to stick with the instructions ^^

  3. Thank you very much, FunGuy is adorable. Looking forward to Crocheting several and to getting ShroomBear pattern.

  4. Aah he’s so cute, thank you so much for the pattern I’m already planning the family in my mind and I have just the person to gift them to.

  5. Thank you, Ophelie, I love your little amigurumis. My granddaughter is in love with Pegasus and Unicorn. I’ll now make Fun’guy for her to add to her magic garden!

  6. Hee hee! What a cutie! And of course I love the name…I suggested it!😉
    Thanks for sharing him with all of us!

  7. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your patterns. I love them all and will be making some as soon as my arm is out of my sling, (surgery on rotor cuff).

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