The difference between the V and the X shaped single crochet (yarn over and yarn under)

Looking at other crocheter’s amigurumis, you may have noticed that our stitches are not always looking the same. When I started crocheting 7 years ago, this drove me crazy ! Most of the time, single crochets were looking like little “v”s slotting one on top of the other just like mines did, but sometimes, I ran into amigurumis pictures where the single crochets were looking a lot more like littles “x”s perfectly stacked one onto >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Aaaand, she’s gone !

crochet mini van ahooka

July, 3 2019. I had bought a Kangoo, built a bed in it , celebrated my 33d birthday, said goodbye to my flat, city and friends, sorted out, sold and given all the stuff I had that wouldn’t fit in such a small living place. Ready to leave. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>