♥ Star Wars, here I come ! ♥

star wars crochet by ahooka

I’m currently in the train, heading to Paris. In a few hours, I’ll be hearing the amazing “taaaa taaaa tatatataaaaaaa taaaa tatatata taaah tatatataaa”. First time I’ve been so happy to leave in France, coz I get to see a movie before almost everyone else :p

I wanted to write this article on my way back. But I have to say I’m as excited as I’m nervous too see the movie because of the Disney thing, you know… So, should it be a complete disaster, I’ll have this article posted already, and I won’t have to talk about it ever again :p

Now, let’s just assume it will be a good movie ! We’ll probably wait in a very big waiting line outside tonight, so I made us some hats to go unnoticed in the crowd :p The ewok is for me, BB8 is for Mister Ahooka ^^


star wars crochet by ahooka star wars crochet by ahooka star wars crochet by ahooka

(Yes, I have a giant the force awakens poster in my living room. Mister Ahooka knows how to please his geeky girl :D) 

Patterns used :

Ewok hoodie byTinypurrs
Amigurumi Ewok byLucyravenscar (old version, I changed the hoodie completely)
– BB8 hat : no pattern
BB8 amigurumi, by yours truly ^^


See you soon !  

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  1. Hope you really enjoyed the film – we did. We watched it with my daughter who was too young to come with us when we saw Part IX on its first release. I didn’t enjoy the newer episodes but this one has lots of the old magic, brilliant!

      • Ahah no worries. I did enjoy the film too, I was a bit bothered by one actor of the casting (I wan’t say it here, but I’m sure you can guess who ^^). But overall, I really liked the movie !

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