11 ways to display your crochet mandalas

crochet mandalas by ahooka

Mandalas ! 

Maybe have you made your first one out of curiosity, maybe for sad reasons, maybe to pass the time… The thing is, you’ve made the first one,… but not the last because they are SO addictive to make ! 


crochet mandalas by ahooka

Before you know it, you are drown under dozens of mandalas ! Your aunts and grannies all had their share, and you don’t want to use them as doillies, right? So, you NEED to find ways to display them (so that you have an excuse to make even MORE :p)

Here are the ideas I found, please feel free to share yours too !

1. A dreamcatcher

I’ve shown you mine here.

dreamcatcher crochet mandala by ahooka

But there’s a lot more over the internet :

98470310 dromenvanger haken (2) il_570xN.819691273_byb5

  1. Mandala dreamcatcher (in French) /  Photo credit : La chouette bricole
  2. Mandala dreamcatcher / Photo credit : breien-en-beppen
  3. Autumn leaves crochet dreamcatcher / Photo credit : KareWares

2. Plant decoration

crochet mandalas by ahooka

No, it’s no doilly ! It’s a mini-cactus decoration ! That’s definitely NOT the same thing :p

crochet mandalas by ahooka

3. A stool cover (or bin cover, here ^^)

crochet mandalas by ahooka

Do you remember about my tutorial on how to turn your Ikea bin into a footrest? Well, I’ve just changed the mustache cover by this mandala one !  

Pattern by FeltedButton available here

crochet mandalas by ahooka

4. Bag / pouch / purse

crochet mandalas by ahooka

I didn’t show you this one because it’s one of my biggest 2015 crochet fail :p I loved it until I got this crazy idea to replace the crochet border by a pleather one… It went completely out of shape and I didn’t have the patience to unsew it all, so now it sadly lays in a closet…  Pattern by Lillabjorn available here 

And here is more, found over the internet :

 il_570xN.691668512_naw0il_570xN.855158766_r2x1 il_570xN.569445045_o8kf

  1. Coin purse / Photo credit : Pippiripi
  2. Overlay and tapestry crochet mandala purse / Photo credit : LillaBjornCrochet
  3. Mandala bag / Photo credit : Luzpatterns

5. An afghan

One giant mandala or a patchwork of mandalas joined together. I love this idea, but I try to stay away from big projects like that since I just got out my latest afghan

Sophies-Universe-Pat-18-Cotton-8  il_570xN.744407383_1dk0 blanketoncouchsmall

  1. Sophie’s Universe / Photo credit : lookatwhatimade.net
  2. Mandala Inspired Baby Afghan / Photo credit : PixieHeartStrings
  3. Wink’s Mandala blanket / Photo credit : aspoonfulofyarn.com

6. Clothes

I’m usually not a big fan of crochet clothes but I have to say it’s kind of fun to wear your mandala on your back ! 


  1. Mandala crochet vest /Photo credit : HEraMade
  2. Earth Child crochet spider web vest/ Photo credit : retrotimbre

7. A cushion 

cal-bonus_1group Dandelion Mandala_7 full_2521_70057_MandalaPoufFloorRoundCushion_4

  1. Carnivale cushion / Photo credit : Cintia @my poppet
  2. Pillow cover / Photo credit : ChristiScalera
  3. Mandala Pouf Floor Round Cushion / Photo credit : bySol

8. Jewelry

boucles_doreille_crochet2-600x600  il_570xN.774033673_2ijy il_570xN.745268600_htwx

  1. Mandala earrings / Photo credit : JijiHook
  2. Crochet mandala earings / Photo credit : OnePeculiarTreasure
  3. Crocheted bracelets / Photo credit : LillaBjornCrochet

9. A rug

crochet-rug_ms_finished_3 tapis1

  1. T-shirt yarn rug / Photo credit : Wink pour tutplus.com
  2. Bathroom rug / Photo credit : Julypouce

10. A pincushion

Ok, I already have 3 of them, but we never have too many, right?

il_570xN.783892992_afb4 Macaron pin cushion

  1. Pincushion flower mandala / Photo credit : BabanCat
  2. Macaron Pin Cushion / Photo credit : LillaBjörnCrochet

11. Coasters

il_570xN.584473671_ag4f 0052

  1. Crochet mandala coasters / Photo credit : 4 Lil Beans
  2. Happy summer coasters / Photo credit : LillabjörnCrochet


12. Your turn !

 crochet mandalas by ahooka

Do you have any other examples or ideas to add to the list? Please share them in the comments !  


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