A radioactiv unicorn and a Darth Vader apprentice : the CCC (Cyber Crochet circle) report

pimp my unicorn

For this first CCC (Cyber-crochet-circle) I wanted to make a simple project so I would be able to chat easily. Tinycorn was an easy pick. However, I made so many tinycorns before (here, here an there) that I kind of wanted to change them a bit. So, in the French edition of the CCC (which took place last Wednesday) we thought I would be making a fluro green unicorn, with a bit of bright pink… And that’s how she became a radioactive unicorns, with pink spots from the radiations. 

Some of the participants followed me on the unicorn path

…like Loursonne and her unicorn head (Here is her blog post about it but it’s in French)

minicorne loursonne

…or Méline and my unicorn’s twin sister (Her Facebook page)

minicorne lebazardemeline

Others went on their current project…

…like Axianita and her little turtle :

tortue axianita

…or Kakotille and her PicoJudu’s clothing (Here is her blog, it’s in French but the pictures are amazing :)):

Picojudu Kakotille

Note : If you were there, feel free to send me the picture of what you were making that day! I’ll add it to this article.

Of course, while chatting, 3 hours weren’t enough to finish my unicorn (my brain seems unable to crochet AND talk at the same time) bur I finished it outcast the same night.

minicorne radioactive par ahooka

I thought she turned out cute, but that’s was before I found her in a radioactive zone, suffering from some sides effects…

minicorne radioactive par ahooka

That was for Wedneday.

On Saturday, for the English edition of the CCC, we decided to go for a dark side unicorn ! As for the previous one, I didn’t have time to finish it in 3 hours, being to busy trying to talk in English ;) (that was hard !! ^^)

But I finished it on Sunday, on stream to, and with Darth Vader as an artistic director, we made her a lightsaber instead of her horn, and the same respirator as her future master.

.licorne dark vador by ahooka

pimp my unicorn by ahooka17

Whom started her training right away !

pimp my unicorn by ahooka26

When radioactive tinycorn doesn’t suffer from side effects, she gets along really well with rainbow tinycorn. 

pimp my unicorn by ahooka14

However those 2 tend to keep their distance with DarthVacorn. 

pimp my unicorn by ahooka32

I don’t know if I’lll be making other unicorns anytime soon, but what I know is that I really enjoyed those CCC ! Crocheting and chatting about my passion in the same time with you all was absolutely amazing !

I’ve been thinking about it and I won’t do 2 separates CCC for French and English speakers anymore. However they’ll now be 2 CCC a month ! I’ll mainly be speaking French, but I’ll totally be answering questions in English too ! I just don’t think I have the necessary spoken English skill to be able to keep the conversation going for 3 hours ! I’ve tried and I definitely struggled :p It’s definitely way easier to write a pattern or an article, I can assure you !  

So, the next CCC will take place on Wedneday, February 24th from 4:30pm to 7:30pm CET (which is 10:30am to 1:30pm EST) and I’ll be making one of the Star Wars square.

I’ll keep you up to date with the upcoming CCC dates via the newsletter. And, in the meantime, I’ll also be randomly streaming on my twitch channel.

I hope to see you guys there ! Have a nice week ! 

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