Albert, the crochet longisquama

albert the longisquama by ahooka

Longisqua…What? Yes, well… 3 weeks ago I had never heard of that word either. But, as each years, one of the biggest amigurumi patterns website,, organized a big amigurumi contest. This year, the theme was “Prehistoric times”.

So I went looking over the internet if any prehistoric animal inspired me more than the others. And I have to admit I had quite a fun time running into all those unknown creatures with big arms, neck or teeth, and I was quite releived too that some didn’t exist anymore. When I found the longisquama and his beautiful colors, I knew it was him I was going to make ! 

But now let me show you how this colorful lizard with pikes was born !

albert the longisquama by ahooka

First, I made a few sketches. Then, when I was happy with the general look, I started crocheting the smaller part of the amigurumi, the leg, for scale. The hardest part there was to figure out how to make the 90° angle without using any wire inside. 

albert the longisquama by ahooka

Then, all I had to do was to be consistent with the size of the other parts to match the sketch as well as I could. Of course, I took notes during the process so that I could reproduce the pieces (and prepare the pattern ^^). Once all the parts were crocheted, I started assemble everything. 

albert the longisquama by ahooka

And that’s it ! 3 days later, Albert was born, just in time to enter the contest ! 

albert the longisquama by ahooka

albert the longisquama by ahooka

albert the longisquama by ahooka

If you’d like to see all the other entries and/or vote for Albert, you can do so here ! (Plus, this year you get a chance to win 100 skeins of Must-Have Minis by voting !) 

See you soon ! 

[Update 12/03/2018]

Oh my gosh ! I still can believe it ! Albert won ! 2761 gigantic THANK YOU to all of you for voting ! I can’t stop jumping around ! Congratulations to all the other participants, especially DIYfluffies and Tarturumies for the 2nd and 3d place, as usual, it was such a pleasure to see all those beautiful designs !

To those of you who asked, there will be a pattern for Albert but it won’t be out right now because… Shhh, that’s a secret ;) 

50 Responses to Albert, the crochet longisquama

  1. I have made my picks for the comp, and.must admit yours is the best, lots of interesting colours and hand holds for babies to hold and look at. Not sure how to send my votes, as I didnt have the pop up screen mentioned, can u help thanks.

  2. Voted. I love Albert. Is your pattern available? I run a crochet club at my primary school and would love to share Albert with the children. X

  3. Your Albert is beautiful , colorful and unique!!
    Loved it and voted for it !!
    Good luck !!you did a great job👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Gorgeous! Outstanding work. Definitely voted and hoping you win as you most certainly do. The work that went into making him is fabulous!

  5. Beautiful job, I was in loving with Albert! I just voted to him!
    I am waiting the pattern, I would like to making Albert! Good luck Ahooka!

  6. Nagyon szép munka gratulálok.Szavasztam de nagyon nehéz volt a választás .Mind nagyon aranyos .

  7. Voted! Can’t wait for the pattern. My grandson loves dinosaurs, Albert will be a great addition to his collection.

  8. Amei o Albert sou principiante em amigurumi mais estou apaixonada por ele.Aguardo ansiosa o padrão amigurumi dele.

  9. Here comes a vote from Germany. Albert is so cute, I fall in love!
    Three days from the idea to the finnished object,this is a great job. Hope you and Albert are Champions to win this race 🍀🐞

  10. Albert was the most colorful and interestingly perfect little thing! I’m happy for your win, thanks for letting me know about the voting

  11. Hi!! I’m fronm Argentina. Yesterday I found the screen shot I madre fron Albert and wondered what happened with the contest.
    You have to know I voted first for someone elses creature, but when I saw Albert, I had had to change my vote, no mater how fan I am from the other designer. Congratulations! Im glad I also thought, your work was truly the best!!! Happy New year!!

    • Hi Mercedes and thank you so much !! :)
      The contest went super well as I actually won it ! I couldn’t believe my eyes and still am so happy about it ! So thanks again, it really means the world to me ❤

  12. I would love to have this pattern! When my granddaughter was 3 – 6 yrs. she would pretend that the Geico gecko was her boss!!! It was such a fun stage. I NEED to make this for her!!!

    • Ahah kids are the best ! :D
      The pattern will be a part of ‘s next book ! I’ll sure let you know when it will be out :)

  13. Sure wish there was a pattern book of the top 10 or however many! They are ask adorable but I do think yours was the cutest!

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