Broken blog !

I’ve been blogging for 5 years now… It had to happen someday. I always save everything before making any change… Except this time :/ And that’s how I’ve just lost all the articles and changes I’ve made on the blog since last decembre, including all your comments ouch.

So, the gameboy pattern and my free ebook (including Tynicorn pattern) are also unavailable right now, I’m sorry about that and am currently working on it so they’ll be back soon.

Thankfully, my shop is on a subdomain that wasn’t impacted by my mistake so if you ordered a pattern recently, your download will work properly !

See you very soon !

11 Responses to Broken blog !

  1. I am trying to find your Star Wars logo pattern the one on the website is too small to follow do you have a pattern please. Nearly finished the blanket from your instructions it is great.

    • Hi Janet, You can click on the Star Wars logo (and maybe wait a bit for it to load depending on your internet connection) and it will appear bigger !

  2. I have sent an email for your ebook. Unfortunately I haven’t received it. I would like to make the little unicorn. Would you be good enough to send me the pattern. Thank you.

    • Hi Chris, I see your email but you haven’t clicked on the confirmation link to receive the ebook, please check your spam on March,22 that’s when it was sent to you ! :)

  3. Oh i am so skrry that you made a similar mistake as I did, deleting items accidentally. I hope you get the tiny unicorn book back. I look forward to getting it again when you’ve recovered it.
    Elaine A Boyd-Williamson

    • Hi Elaine, yes, I guess we learn from our mistakes :D The free ebook is back online you can download it from the upper right corner of the blog ! :)

  4. I have tried several to get your unicorn patterns & nothing comes of it. I have emailed myou about it & no respoines. Thsi is a joke &people don’t appreciate it!!!

  5. Hello! I have tried in several ocassions to download the tynicorn pattern in the ebook, but nothing happens. Afetr clicking there is a massage sayong that the page is not longer available. is it possible to get the pattern in another way?

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