A Game Boy keychain for Father’s Day [free pattern]

crochet game boy by ahooka

I’m not old, I’m old school ! When I was a kid, I used to watch my father play video games on his computer for hours. I loved it ! I also had that friend who had a super NES,  it was my favorite place to go :D No need to tell you how thrilled I was the day my mother came back with the holy grail : my very first console, my GameBoy ! That was the beginning of my love story with video games :)

Of course, my father used to borrow it from me from times to times, and we ‘d compete on the numbers of bananas we’d feed Donkey Kong.

I don’t know if it rings a bell for you, but if my father was still there, I think that a Game Boy keychain for Father’s Day would have been the perfect gift for him to remember those precious father-and-daughter moments. So, here is the pattern ! I hope you’ll enjoy it ^^

Happy Father’s Day to all dads !


Sport weight yarn in light and dark grey, khaki and a small amount of black and purple (i.e : Scheepjes Catona)
A 2.25 mm hook (B)
A little bit of stuffinf
A tapestry (or yarn) needle
A stitch marker
A keychain ring


st. : stitch(es)
sc : single crochet
ch : chain
inc : increase
Inv.CC : invisible color change (see video)
Inv.F : invisible finish (see video)
FO : finish off
(…,…)*x : repeat « x » number of times the instructions indicated between brackets

The pattern

The screen

With khaki :
R1 : sc8 in a magic ring (8)
R2 : (sc, sc3 in next st.)*4 (16)
Inv.CC to dark grey :
R3 : (sc3 in the 2nd sc of last round « sc3 » group, sc3)*4 (24)
Inv.CC to light grey :
R4 : (sc3 in the 2nd sc of last round « sc3 » group, sc5)*4 (32)
Inv.F, leaving a long tail for sewing.

crochet game boy by ahooka

The base

With light grey :
R1 : ch9, sc in the 2nd st from your hook, sc7 ; then, sc8 on the other side of the chain (16) – You can check :  How to crochet properly in a chain, How to crochet around a chain
R2 : inc, sc14, inc (18)
R3-14 : sc in each st. around (18)
R15 : sc3 in order to reach the side, don’t finish the round
FO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

crochet game boy by ahooka


  • Stuff the base lightly then sew both sides together with one side of the screen.
  • Continue sewing the 3 remaing sides of the screen on the base.

crochet game boy by ahooka

crochet game boy by ahooka


You’ll now have to embroider your Gameboy’s details. You can check this article on how to embroider your amigurumi details to help you.

  • With black yarn, embroider a cross on the left with 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines.
  • With dark grey, embroider both start and select buttons in the bottom.
  • With purple yarn, make 2 French knots on the right. To do so, with a strand of yarn, insert your needle from the back of the work, then wind the yarn around your needle three times and re-insert the tip of your needle just a few millimeters further. Then, knot both end together at the back of the work to secure them and weave in the ends.

crochet game boy by ahooka

crochet game boy by ahooka

The keychain

With light grey :
Ch16, skip 5ch then sc10 in the remaining st. of the chain. Then, sew de keychain cord on top of the gameboy and insert the keychain ring into the loop made with the 5 skipped chains.

crochet game boy by ahooka

crochet game boy by ahooka

crochet game boy by ahooka

Aaaaan that’s it ! I hope that you’ll like it :)

See you soon !

12 Responses to A Game Boy keychain for Father’s Day [free pattern]

  1. Thank you so much! My husband and kids will LOVE this! Great job I love your work of art! Thanks again Manda

  2. The assumption that video games are for males needs to stop. My husband never had a game boy, I did and he is not the one who plays on the console, I do. We want to stop gender biases and stereotyping, but this is a fine example of what’s good for one is not for the other

    • Well Heidi, I’m sorry if you got offended but if you read my post, you could read that I was super fund of video games… I’ve always been, and I’m pretty sure I’m a girl ! This article was written for Father’s day, and was a Father’s day gift idea… But the pattern is there, and I command no one not to use it for any Game boy lovers, boy or girl !

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