Crochet mini crown [free pattern]

How about we start this year with a tiny, easy pattern? In France and some other countries, we celebrate the epiphany by eating the “Kings’ cake” in which there is a hidden bean. The one who runs into the bean while eating the cake becomes the king or the queen of the day and gets to wear a paper crown all day long. That’s where I got the inspiration to make this tiny crochet crown, but it would be the perfect size for a lot of your amigurumis too (and for you too of course, see how NOT ridiculous at all it is at the end of this article… :p)

Skill level: Beginner. You’ll need to know how to make a chain, a single crochet and a double crochet, that’s it !

Approx. size: 2 inches

Material: Cotton yarn (ie : Scheepjes Catona) with a 2.5mm hook (C) and a tapestry needle

Abreviations (US terms):
ch : chain
sc : single crochet
st : stitch
dc : double crochet


R1 : ch31, sc1 in the 2nd ch from hook and in the next 29 st (30). Ch1, turn

R2 : sc in each st (30). Turn without chaining. 

R3 : (Skip 2 st, dc4 in next st, ch3, dc4 in same st as the previous ones, skip 2st, sc1 in next st). Repeat 5 times. 

Fasten of leaving a long tail for sewing and sew both sides together. Weave in the ends. 

And, you’re done !

You didn’t need this to be a beautiful queen (or king !) but you have to admit this looks so freakin’ good ! :D 

That being said, I wish you a wonderful 2022, full of joy, Love, and crochet of course ! :)

See you soon !

Ophelie Aka AhookA

37 Responses to Crochet mini crown [free pattern]

  1. Thank you, thank you! My two-year-old great-granddaughter claims she is the princess of everything. This is just too perfect!

  2. Thanks for this adorable crown!! I am going to make my dogs king for a day! Ok, maybe for a minute…lol

  3. Thank you for generously sharing this charming pattern! It will be great for my cat, and my granddaughter’s dress up. And, maybe even for me!

  4. Thanks, and Happy New Year. My granddaughter, age 6, claims to be a princess, and always wears a crown. Now I will make some for her cats. Thanks again.

  5. omg! I been making worry worms and pocket hug bunnies as well as mini octopuses, and I thought to myself: It’d be awesome if I could add a crown!! So I went searching and *boom* I found your pattern! THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Thank you for this pattern! When a friend asked for a mini crown and no one else had it for free, I panicked!! Appreciate it so very much! So simple too.

  7. This is super cute! My German shepherd is turning 1 yr in a couple days. I didn’t have the money to spoil her with an elaborate birthday party, so I decided I’d make her a crown to wear for the day. This will be perfect! Can’t wait to make it! Thank you for sharing your pattern!

  8. Dank je wel voor de patronen. Mijn kleindochter is verliefd op de unicorn. elk vriendinnetje van haar, krijgt een unicorn. ;-)

  9. Such a cute design! The “last minute Queen” is also very accurate hahaha. Tomorrow its kingsday in the Netherlands, so I rapidly made this crown for my rabbit lol. Curious if she can wear it as well as you :p

  10. Thank you so much for this pattern!! I needed to make a crown for a Queen Bee that I was making for my niece’s birthday and this was so cute. It turned out great. The pattern was super easy to follow and the pictures helped out too. I hope my niece gets a kick out of a bumblebee wearing a crown!!

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