From a unicorn to a pegasus : wings tutorial [crochet amigurumi]

Pegasus wings by ahooka

When my niece came to my place and saw Tinycorn, the tiny rainbow unicorn, she made me promise to make one for her birthday : “A pink one ! And also, a pegasus!” she said.

Born on Valentine’s day, those two liked each other right away! :)

In order to become a pegasus, Tinycorn has lost her horn and grew some wings. 

Pegasus wings by ahooka


Pegasus wings by ahooka Pegasus wings by ahooka Pegasus wings by ahooka


19 Responses to From a unicorn to a pegasus : wings tutorial [crochet amigurumi]

  1. Lovely! And the instructions seem so easy to follow… I will totally make one Tinycorn and a Pegasus tonight when I get home, though I will probably need to make two of each for my girls… :D

  2. Thank you so much for the patterns to make my niece’s dream of having a winged unicorn possible!

  3. Thanks so much. Now my little sister can have an alicorn that I don’t have to but. :-)

  4. Hi. I have no idea how to crochet so I am wondering if I could purchase a unicorn and a pegasus in particular colours. Is that something that you could please help me with?

    • Hi Carly, I’m sorry I don’t sell finished products as I don’t have time to make them, but I know some other crocheters does. I’d have to keep a track of all the amigurumi sellers I know that used my patterns !

  5. It’s been an hour and I still haven’t gotten the email. I tried to resend it and still nothing.

  6. Hi there. I downloaded the ebook but it must be the old file because there’s 6 patterns not 8 and it’s missing the pegasus wing tutorial. Could you please help me?

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