Halloween special n°1 : Ghosty, the classy little ghost [amigurumi]

5 weeks to go before the best day of the year : Halloween ! I don’t have kids and when I was a little girl, that day wasn’t yet celebrated in French speaking countries. So now, I have to make up for lost to time !! A celebration full of ghosts, witches, zombies, skeletons,…I couldn’t love it more ! So, please, be prepared to see a lot of spiders and pumpkins around here these days ! :p 

What about starting with this little cutie ghost pattern?


Ghosty is inspired by Casper, but a bit more classy with his little bow tie ! 

Here we go !


Note : This pattern is now available in Dutch thanks to Nanske Panske, You can download it here
Dit patroon is nu ook te verkrijgen in het Nederlands dankzij Nanske Panske , je kan het hier downloaden


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  1. When I read what you have written about Halloween ( you didn’t celebrate it when you were a kid), it makes me remember my own story from the childhood. In our school we celebrated Halloween in english language classes. Our teacher was that creative! Children made pizza, baked cookies, and (of course!)carved pumpkins and then brought all this stuff right into the class room. We spent lesson time telling horror stories. That was such a sweet time! But after several years the school principal forbade us to celebrate Halloween because it was an “Un-christian, satanistic mess”, bla bla bla.
    Kids were so disappointed! We missed our little parties so much.
    So now I also always feel like I have to make up for lost time, as you said. Can totally relate to your feelings:) I LOVE Halloween!!

    • My gosh, that principal deserve to die in hell for such a crime against childhood ! :D I’m sooo jealous now when I see the kids trick or treating ! If I could be a little girl again, just for one day, I would TOTALLY choose that one !:D

  2. I love your ghost and I am making it now.

    R24: (5sc, inc) x6
    I think.

    Thank you so much for posting free pattern.

    • Oops!! That’s even worse it’s (sc4,inc)x6 to make (36) stitches!!
      Thank you very much for noticing and letting me know, I’ll correct that right away !

  3. You’re welcome.
    I forgot mentioned but I like the “perfect circle method” you shared.
    It is easy if you know and i will use all the time.

    I am looking forward to see new pattern in your site.

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