Crochet mini crown [free pattern]

How about we start this year with a tiny, easy pattern? In France and some other countries, we celebrate the epiphany by eating the “Kings’ cake” in which there is a hidden bean. The one who runs into the bean while eating the cake becomes the king or the queen of the day and gets to wear a paper crown all day long. That’s where I got the inspiration to make this tiny crochet crown, but it would be the perfect size for a lot of your amigurumis too (and for you too of course, see how NOT ridiculous at all it is at the end of this article… :p) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The difference between the V and the X shaped single crochet (yarn over and yarn under)

Looking at other crocheter’s amigurumis, you may have noticed that our stitches are not always looking the same. When I started crocheting 7 years ago, this drove me crazy ! Most of the time, single crochets were looking like little “v”s slotting one on top of the other just like mines did, but sometimes, I ran into amigurumis pictures where the single crochets were looking a lot more like littles “x”s perfectly stacked one onto >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>